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Theft by Receiving Stolen Goods

Stolen Property

Picture this: you see an ad for a game system on your local online classifieds. You know your son has wanted one forever, so you call the number provided and purchase the system for his upcoming birthday. Nothing seems out of place. Suddenly, there are police at your door telling you that they are going to charge you with receipt of stolen property. You have never been in trouble with the law before, and now you are an accused criminal. This situation happens more than you might realize.

Whether or not you knew someone stole a piece of property that was found or thought to be in your possession, it is often necessary to put together a good defense. At The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., our Colorado Springs theft crime attorneys can tell you more about this area of the law during a free initial consultation. We can also advise you on how you should proceed after considering the specifics of your case.

The Burden of Proof

Prosecutors have a tough time proving a receipt of stolen property charge in some instances since there must be four criteria present. First, somebody other than the recipient must have stolen the property. Second, the person who receives the property must know somebody took it unlawfully.

Alternatively, he or she should have known somebody stole it. For example, if a person purchases a car for much less than it is actually worth and the VIN is missing, it is reasonable to assume somebody stole it from the rightful owner. Third, the person who receives the property must intend to keep it away from the rightful owner. Finally, the accused must actually receive the property. If just one of these elements is not present, it is very possible that a judge may decide to acquit you.

Defending Your Rights in Colorado Springs

Being charged with a crime by authorities is never a positive experience. The good news about a receipt of stolen property charge is that it is possible in many situations to convince a court to reduce or drop the charges. You just need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you either intended to return the property to its rightful owner or genuinely did not know somebody stole it from its rightful owner. Your best chance of accomplishing this is to hire an experienced defense attorney in Colorado Springs. Timothy Bussey of The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. has worked with people accused of a variety of theft crimes including receipt of stolen property. Contact our firm as soon as possible to arrange a free initial consultation and begin building your defense.

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