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Legal Facts Every Parent Should Know

By Timothy Bussey on December 18, 2020

No parent wants to see their child hurt. In fact, most parents will do everything they can to make sure their children have as safe a life as possible. Sadly, children are small and fragile. Even with cautious parenting, kids can still become catastrophically injured, and may even be left with life-long disabilities as a result.

In these tragic cases, many parents find themselves worrying about how they can provide for their child with expensive medical bills beginning to mount. Thankfully, you may have more options for financial recovery than you realize. Read the rest »

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How COVID-19 Caused a Speeding Spike

By Timothy Bussey on November 23, 2020

While the country is slowly opening back up from quarantine, we are all still feeling the effects that COVID-19 has had on our communities. One of the areas impacted has been our roadways. When Colorado, like most other states, went into lockdown, people were instructed to stay at home as much as possible. With so few people traveling to work in the morning, the streets were left empty. To many negligent drivers, empty streets mean one thing: speeding. Read the rest »

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Miss and Runs: Just as Dangerous as a Collision

By Timothy Bussey on October 28, 2020

Everyone knows about the horror of a hit and run. You are driving back home from work, doing your best to be responsible and safe, when another driver suddenly comes veering towards you and slams into your car. Before you can get out of your car and demand to know who the driver is, they speed away. You are left not knowing who is responsible for the damage to your car, your injuries, or your emotional trauma.

But if the other driver never actually hit your car? What if they missed, but still managed to cause an accident? Read the rest »

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How to Get Medical Coverage During the Claims Process

By Timothy Bussey on October 21, 2020

After getting in a serious car accident, you will likely have to seek medical help. Depending on your injuries, you may have to get extensive surgeries, countless physical therapy sessions, and mounting medications in order to heal properly. That sort of treatment can’t just be put off until your claim is settled, as a settlement can take months. But if your medical bills are high, and you’re stuck trying to negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance provider, what are you supposed to do in order to seek relief? Read the rest »

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Why Your Mechanic May Be Responsible for Your Car Accident

By Timothy Bussey on October 14, 2020

There is nothing more gut-wrenching than hitting your brakes and not slowing down or hearing a loud POP and feeling your car suddenly careen to the side as your tire bursts. Sudden mechanical failures and auto defects are a surefire way to end up in a serious accident. But when such accidents happen, who could be considered at fault? Read the rest »

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How to Keep Your Elderly Loved One Safe

By Timothy Bussey on October 7, 2020

The choice to put your elderly loved one in a nursing home is not an easy one. You would only make such a difficult decision with the understanding that your loved one will receive better care in a nursing home or long-term care facility than you can provide yourself. Sadly, a nursing home that seems wholesome and loving on the outside could easily turn out to be rotten on the inside. Knowing how to find the perfect nursing home could mean the difference between your loved one spending their last years in comfort and ease, and being abused emotionally, physically, and financially. Read the rest »

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Dram Shop Liability: How It Factors Into Your Claim

By Timothy Bussey on September 28, 2020

No one wants to be involved in a drunk driving accident. A drunk driver can destroy your car, leave you with debilitating injuries, and affect your mental state for years to come. Even worse, a drunk driver may be the reason why you lost a beloved member of your family. The person who chose to get behind the wheel of a car inebriated is, of course, at fault. But what about the bar or store that served them? Do they hold any liability? Read the rest »

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Do Hands-Free Devices Really Improve Safety?

By Timothy Bussey on August 31, 2020

When cellphones became prevalent in the United States, so did distracted driving. Eventually, hand-free devices were invented in an attempt to curb the ever-growing issue of drivers taking calls or texting while driving. Now that this technology has been with us for over a decade, it is truly time to ask, do they actually help prevent distracted driving accidents? Read the rest »

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Getting the Most Out of Your Accident Claim

By Timothy Bussey on August 21, 2020

After an accident caused by a negligent driver, you may find yourself in the position of having to file a claim. While the insurance adjuster assigned to work on your case will try to make the claims process sound easy, the truth is that the insurance company will be doing everything they can to give you as little in compensation as possible. Following these steps, however, can help you get as high a settlement as possible.

Read the rest »

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A Dog’s Bite Is Always Worse Than Its Bark

By Timothy Bussey on August 9, 2020

Nearly five million people are bitten by dogs every year in the U.S., as reported by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). In a recent year, close to 27,000 people needed reconstructive surgery for dog bites, according to What is the most alarming, however, is that fact that nearly one in every five dog bites becomes infected. Infections can lead to hospitalization, illness, and life-long disabilities if not treated in time. Read the rest »

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