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Defending Juveniles Accused of Theft Crimes

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Theft can take on a variety of forms, particularly when it comes to juvenile transgressions. Whether the crime is convenience store theft, burglary, or grand theft auto, juveniles are arrested and sentenced for theft crimes everyday in Colorado's juvenile court system. Regardless of the circumstances, the best defense against such charges involves retaining the services of an experienced Colorado Springs juvenile crime defense attorney.

What Is the Juvenile Arrest Process?

The process after a juvenile arrest can be complicated. As with any arrest, time is of the essence, and everything your juvenile says is extremely pertinent to how they will be charged and the potential penalties they may face. A skilled juvenile defense attorney will fight to ensure that your child's rights are protected, and that the circumstances surrounding their juvenile theft crime are thoroughly examined so that charges filed against them are not blown out of proportion.

Juvenile Theft Statistics

Below are arrest statistics from recent data furnished by the Colorado Bureau of Investigations Annual Report from 2016:

  • Larceny - 3,948
  • Burglary - 450
  • Robbery - 129
  • Stolen Property Offenses - 41

Factor in these figures, along with the fact that juvenile crime is being prosecuted more vigorously than ever, and juveniles arrested for crimes may find themselves facing severe penalties, such as detainment time in detention centers, periods of probation, blemishes on their juvenile records that could follow them into adulthood, and many more detrimental consequences stemming from a childhood transgression that was more than likely committed without consideration being given to any of the above.

Top-Rated Legal Representation for Your Child in Colorado Springs

At The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., our criminal defense attorneys have experience handling cases within Colorado's juvenile justice system. We will fight to have charges minimized, or dropped altogether, and will aggressively argue on behalf of your child. If your juvenile has been arrested for a theft crime, contact a Colorado Springs juvenile defense attorney for more information. Call (719) 475-2555 today for a free consultation.

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