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man performing breathalyzer testDUI charges on a military base are extremely serious and require an attorney with military and drunk driving law experience. If you are facing such charges, we encourage you to enlist an experienced Colorado Springs felony DUI attorney. We will stand up for your rights. We will work hard to see that your life and your future are not jeopardized by these charges.

If you've received an intoxicated-driving charge on a military base, the consequences can be catastrophic -- whether you're a member of the armed services or not.

If you are in the military and you are arrested for driving under the influence, chances are that your case maybe handled by the federal court system. However, you can be charged in both state and federal court for the offence, depending upon the circumstances of your DUI or DWI stop. (For instance, was there any collateral damage to people or property?)

Different commanding officers will react differently to the news that you've been arrested for intoxicated driving. Some officers will wait to see how the courts rule before taking any kind of punitive action. Others might order immediate disciplinary action in response to the arrest. Non-judicial punitive action for DUI or DWAI charges can include everything from a letter of reprimand to a slash in pay to a demotion to the establishment of extra duties. In some cases, charged individuals may be restricted to quarters or denied appointments. Offenders may also lose the privilege to drive on the base. And - depending upon the severity of the incident - a court-martial can even be issued.

Often, the commanding officers' response will be determined partly by the willingness of the service member to explore potential defense. By notifying your officer that you have a defense, you may be able to stave off immediate punishments and inconveniences.

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