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DUI Client Testimonial

DUI Client Testimonial

5 Tyler Pokorny via Google logo
Tim Bussey and his staff were exceptional in handling my case. They exhibited professionalism, communication, and dedication throughout the process. Their expertise and negotiation skills resulted in a wonderful outcome that exceeded my expectations. The care and support I received made a difficult situation more manageable. I highly recommend Tim Bussey and his team for anyone in need of legal representation. Thank you for everything!

5 Jake Rudolph via Google logo

Tim Bussey was incredibly knowledgable, transparent, and informative in his practice. He was ambitious in helping solve the problem at hand and very understanding of the circumstances. If you need an attorney that can get the job done in the best was possible, Tim Bussey is your man! Best attorney in Colorado Springs hands down!!!

5 Charlie Wafel via Google logo

Attorney Phillip Chadwick is professional and responds in a timely manner. Mr. Chadwick explained each step in depth, and is honest with the possible outcomes. I highly recommend Mr. Chadwick. Thank you for representing me.

5 Jake Antonio via Google logo

The process I went through was extremely long and grueling but I knew I was in good hands with the law firm. Even though Tim is a busy man he always makes time for any questions or concerns I had throughout the process, the staff was also amazing and very friendly. this is an extremely professional and reliable firm and I would recommend it to anyone.

5 Michael Khan via Google logo

First thing.. Thank you so much Mr.Shadwick for handling my case and all of my fears and frustrations so professionally and with care.. I did not just feel like a client I felt that I had a friend who was helping me. I highly and I mean HIGHLY recommend working with Mr.Shadwick he was very professional and made sure that everything was clear to my understanding and he answered every question and concern that I had. My case was a pretty touchy one and I honestly felt hopeless and I was able to speak to Mr.Shadwick who helped me understand that I wasn’t helpless and I had options. Things were handled and I am very happy with the outcome and Mr.Shadwick helped me from the very start to the end. Again Thank you!

5 Cameron Carrillo via Google logo

Timothy Bussey and his law firm are the first string when it comes to DUI and criminal defense. Tim dots his I’s and crosses his T’s. I am beyond thankful for his legal counsel. I was looking at multiple counts of hit and run, and one count of DUI. In the end I was looking at a deferred sentence against DWAI with all other charges dismissed. Tim Bussey is the best of the best, period. For whoever is reading this, know this, you will be in good hands and you will not be disappointed. Story: What Can I say, I was in a real sticky situation where I made a lot of mistakes. I found myself being charged with multiple counts of hit and run and one count of DUI. Till this accident I didn’t have anything on my record, but was now facing the criminal justice system, a place I would have never imagined I would be in. For context, I hit a guard rail, I was fine, my vehicle was fine so I proceeded home, where I would later find myself talking to police outside my front door and downhill my life went. I knew my case was a unique one and knew I had to find a defense lawyer. I spent every waking moment for the next week doing research and looking for a criminal defense lawyer who could defend me. I had numerous phone calls with attorneys as well as sit-down interviews, and then I walked into Mr. Bussey’s law firm. We sat down and went over my case, and after the conversation I knew he was the one I would put my future in the hands of. The feeling I had when I left the law firm was that, he gave it to me straight, He didn’t sugar coat anything and told me the truth, all while being positive. I could also tell right then and there, he is a competitive guy, and that’s the trait I was looking for. Someone who is not looking to finish second. I retained him the next day as I thought this would be my best chance to get the best result for myself. When it came time to do the first hearing, I knew I made the right choice. He is intelligent, crafty and quick-witted. After the first hearing, he got my charges down to just DWAI instead of 3 counts of hit and run, and 1 count of DUI. He postponed the sentencing for another date where he was insistent that he could get me a deferred sentence. That was his goal, to get me a deferred sentence and his competitive determination showed when it came time for the second hearing. Side note: Under the guidance of Mr. Bussey I had completed all of my community service, the MAAD class, and would only have 2 more alcohol therapy classes left by the time of the second hearing and boy am I glad I did all of that preemptively (This is the part you have to play to give Tim all the ammunition he needs in order to get the job done). During the second hearing he got an understanding DA and pressured him into getting me a deferred sentence and eventually the DA caved in. I do believe the DA would not have caved in if I hadn’t done what Tim had suggested me to do as well as Tim’s persistence. In the end I was looking at 3 Hit and run charges and 1 charge of DUI, and ended up walking away with all charges dismissed and a deferred sentence against DWAI. There really is no words I can use to describe how grateful I am for Tim and his team. If you ever find yourself in the crosshairs of the law where Tim specializes in, you would be stupid not to retain him. Thank you Tim!!

5 Sondra Trent via Google logo

We could not have been happier with the level of concern & accomplishment accorded to us at every stage. Mr. Bussey is extremely knowledgeable. His expert guidance achieved a positive outcome. He reassured us, made us feel confident & comfortable & kept us informed on a regular basis. The office staff was kind & helpful, never failing to answer any questions. We would highly recommend The Bussey Law Firm to anyone needing expert legal assistance!
5 Coloradochevy 7699 via Google logo

I needed help with an extremely sensitive case, a case that I thought was over a long time ago, however it followed me like a black cloud. I was nervous, anxious, and overwhelmed. I did not know how my future was going to unfold. I looked everywhere for help but I couldn’t find it until I contacted The Bussey Law Firm. Mr. Bussey was there for me. Mr. Bussey understood how sensitive my case was, he understood my fears, and how important it was for me to overcome this case. I will never forget when Mr. Bussey told me that he had never had a case like mine before and even though he could not predict the future he was still going to fight hard for me. Mr. Bussey did just that he fought hard for me, he gave me the time of day to answer all my questions, he gave me peace of mind, he represented me honorably, and most importantly we won our case! Thank you Mr. Bussey!!

5 Margaret Leiser via Google logo

There truly are no words to express my heartfelt respect and honest admiration for Mr. Timothy Bussey. He was instrumental in helping my brother navigate a very difficult case years ago. His knowledge, expertise and determination resulted in a thorough review of the proceedings as well as a fair outcome. I recently needed legal advice of a completely different nature and he not only remembered my brother by name and “legend”, but gave me his sound advice, opinion and even called to follow-up to see what the outcome was. You will not find a more courageous attorney nor a kinder gentleman than Tim.

5 Jill Vidmar via Google logo

Tim Bussey and his staff were amazing! Tim made me feel comfortable and treated me with respect, he truly cares for his clients and what they are going through without judgement. He got me the best outcome in my stressful case. I highly Respect him as a Lawyer and will recommend him to everyone. Thank you Tim again!!!

5 Dennis Pennington via Google logo

My wife and I retained The Bussey Law Firm for our son who was brought up on untrue allegations, which ended up being dismissed. Mr. Bussey and his entire staff are prompt, professional, and pro-active. We felt like he and his staff treated us and our son with respect despite the charges he was facing. We were informed of everything the whole time. We never once felt like we were left out of the loop. I highly recommend this law firm for ANYBODY who needs very competent representation. I hope we never need his services again, but will retain him in a New York second if it ever comes to that!

5 Jonny Noll via Google logo

Tim helped our son navigate through a difficult situation. He treated him as if he were his own son, and gave him great words of wisdom and advice throughout the process. The outcome was very positive. I’m confident that lessons were learned in the most painless way possible. We highly recommend Tim for any help you might need!

5 Jeffrey Buhl via Google logo

Mr Bussey is a excellent choice. He started working my case immediately .His expertise and reputation lead the DA to immediately drop my case and it was dismissed with prejudice. When the military picked up my case he recommended a military lawyer who was fought my case in court and I was acquitted of all charges. Do not hesitate to retain Mr Bussey. In a battle to save your life and reputation he is worth every penny. Thank you Mr. Bussey.
5 Adam Vernon via Google logo
Tim Bussey is a rare find, he was incredibly helpful, resourceful and was very timely in his responses, had an outstanding demeanor and was always helpful and informative. We were always informed about what was happening with our case and the risks of what could happen. I never had to wait very long for return calls. He was almost always available for extra questions or concerns to be addresses. We highly recommend him for any case you would need the best defense. His staff was also great. Thank you Tim, you’re a rare one.

5 Jordon Crawley via Google logo

Knowing that I had a difficult criminal juvenile case, Mr. Bussey took the time to sit with me, get to know me, and explain what I needed to accomplish to help my case. Mr. Bussey and his staff went through every piece of the discovery and asked me questions about it when needed. I believe that Mr. Bussey was able to achieve the best possible outcome by getting to know me not just my charges. Definitely the best at what he does and his office shows with the multiple supper lawyer plaques and magazines he’s featured on. You definitely get the best of the best when you go to Mr. Bussey. Would definitely recommend to anybody!

5 Jean Kremler via Google logo

Tim Bussey is not a 5 he’s a 10+. He was very responsive, caring and compassionate. I was always informed about what was happening and could happen. I never had to wait for return calls. I would whole heartedly recommend him for any criminal or non criminal defense. His staff is just as awesome. Thank you Tim Bussey for helping me.

5 Christine Cole via Google logo

I am SO thankful to have had Mr. Bussey as my attorney. I was facing very serious criminal charges and I knew that Tim was doing his best every step of the way. I was never left in the dark regarding what was happening with my case. I worked with Mr. Bussey for multiple months and I know that he put forth a lot of work to get me the best outcome possible. He gave my case a lot of personal attention and even spoke with my immediate family from out of state and put their minds at ease. There is a reason he is voted one of the top lawyers in Colorado Springs! Thank you Mr. Bussey!!!!!

5 Coral Whale via Google logo

I have never been treated more like family by any firm ever! When I tell you my life was over before I met Tim and his team – I’m not kidding. I was in one of the worst of the worst situations!! Tim and his entire team are so incredibly professional, on top of your case 24/7, and work relentlessly to get you the absolute best resolution. I could not be more greatful! I love yall’ – But I hope I never see you again 🙂 “Cheap ain’t good, and good ain’t cheap.” Call Tim to get your life back!

5 Marcus Finau via Google logo

Mr. Bussey alongside with his law firm are not only professionals but are individuals that take there job as a passion. Through one of my toughest years Mr.Bussey showed me that he cared about me and my case and took it serious! Thank you Mr. Bussey for your incredible work/ time and resources. Mr. Bussey is a standard that I believe should be upheld throughout law firms worldwide. Thank you again and many blessings to the Bussey Law Firm.

5 Valerie Huff via Google logo

Our family is eternally grateful for the tremendous work Mr. Bussey did for our son. We were fortunate to have a family member in the law field refer us to his office. Timothy Bussey is smart, kind and his 30 years of experience is evident in the high standard of work he did for our son.

5 William V. Thayer via Google logo

Timothy R. Bussey ranks top tier of attorneys at law in his field of practice. He was very understanding, thoughtful, patient, thorough and more with all the details of my case. Timothy Bussey worked with methodical diligence in my court actions. I am pleased to have had Tim work on my case this year with fine results !

5 Casey Ahrendsen via Google logo

Tim Bussey did an amazing job on my case. He took charge from the beginning and obtained an outstanding result on my case. Mr. Bussey is a top notch attorney and I am highly appreciative of his fine work. If you want the best call the Bussey Law Firm PC.

5 Bad Crumbs via Google logo

Tim Bussey went above and beyond my expectations, fought hard to help my situation and didn’t stop till he could get me the best offer possible. If you are able to, definitely give his office a call and get him on your case. He’s an incredible person with such a huge heart.

5 Outten Ridin Ranch Horse Stable via Google logo

When I was facing serious, felony charges that came from a 20 year old crime I had to find a local Colorado attorney to help me. No longer living in Colorado, I had no way of knowing how to find an attorney except an internet search. I found Tim and one other attorney that seemed like very knowledgeable and skillful attorneys that would be strong advocates for me in my case. I decided on Tim because the way he discussed my case and serious legal situation was assuring and gave me confidence. My case stretched over 18 months and the final outcome resulted in a deferred judgment – almost unheard of for my type of case. Now, years later, I have an amazing life with the best possible outcomes you could ever expect in my legal situation. This is all because of Tim and his representation in my case. Thank you Tim!

5 Andrea Tankersley via Google logo

As I read through these 5 star reviews, I know exactly why Tim Bussey receives them consistently. He was integral in negotiating a favorable outcome for my elderly father, being extremely sensitive to his special needs while helping me navigate through what needed to be done. To say that we are extremely happy with his work would be an understatement.

5 Wendy via Google logo

If I could give Tim Bussey and his team more stars, I would. Tim is intelligent, thorough, clear, and committed. His unique expertise allowed for the best possible outcome of our case. He is straightforward while being kind and reassuring. He is worth every penny. I highly recommend the Bussey Law Firm.

5 Mike via Google logo

A single decision can alter the course of a man’s entire life. One moment woven in the fabric of time, one singular choice, and just one split second decision nearly resulted in the unbalance of justice and an end to all good things which I’ve acquired throughout my thirty-three years of being alive. To trust another soul with such delicate matters and place faith in the ultimate rectification of your situation is surely a thing to abide in. If you hold any doubts or reservations of this man’s credibility, trust my word as truth. Tim Bussey held a significant role in shaping my legal circumstance for the better. He is trustworthy, reliable, and well experienced. I wouldn’t seek representation any other place.

5 Brooke Becco via Google logo

Bussey Law Firm came to my rescue back in December. He helped fight my case, and we ended up winning it. He is dedicated in fighting for the rights of his clients and he cares about each of them. Not only has he helped me out, but some of my friends as well. He is definitely one of the best DUI lawyers you could ask for. I recommend him to anyone that needs a great lawyer, no questions asked.

5 Bill Gates via Google logo

Tim is a supremely qualified and experienced attorney. His knowledge of the issues and his reputation with prosecutors was quite evident when handling my case. He gave me personal attention and was VERY responsive to my calls and emails. When you hire Tim you are getting the BEST attorney in the business.

5 Greg Kerry via Google logo

When I was 18 I got arrested and my mom hired Tim Bussey as my attorney..he got me a better outcome than I could ever hope for and comprehend at that age in my life. Eight years later I went back to try and get my record sealed and I worked with Clinton Albert. He could have easily rushed ahead to get my case over with as he already had my money, but he explained it would probably be more beneficial to me to wait as laws were changing. We ended up waiting about six months and I was able to get my record sealed due to his expertise and knowledge of the legal system. I intend on staying out of trouble for the rest of my life, but if anybody I know needs legal help I’ll definitely point them to Bussey Law Firm.

5 Matthew Huff via Google logo
I can’t put into words how grateful I am for the work Mr. Bussey and his office put into my case. Very professional and highly experienced. Made the most difficult year of my life that much better because of the work and care he put into my case. Will always be grateful.

5 Justin Tyler via Google logo

Tim was absolutely amazing! He came into court and got all my charges dismissed and sealed like it never even happened. If you want a great attorney who will put in the leg work and get you the BEST results. Hire Tim!

5 James Nash via Google logo

Tim handled several traffic tickets for me. He was able to get my speeding tickets reduced to obstructed window zero point tickets. I feel his services are worth every penny. I would recommend The Bussey Law Firm to anyone who needs representation on a criminal case or personal injury.

5 Jennifer Buckmiller via Google logo

The Bussey Law firm was very helpful in helping to resolve my daughter’s issue with expertise and compassion.

5 Candice Cleveland via Google logo

Criminal Defense Case Tim Bussey handled our case with intelligence and professionalism. We were put at ease immediately, knowing we were in good hands. He kept us informed and was always interested in our feedback. Thank you so very much!

5 Mario Vandyke via Google logo

MORE THAN WORTH THE MONEY!!!! I interviewed 5 Lawyers before choosing Tim. He was kind, knowledgable, and a true professional. The outcome was better than I could have hoped. I give Tim my highest recommendation and would personally not use anyone else.

5 Vicki Zarb-Cousin via Google logo

I found myself in need of a lawyer for the first time in my life. Needless to say, I was devastated and horrified about what was ahead. There was no one I could turn to for help. I felt alone. The only way I knew to find a lawyer was the internet. Sometimes it is difficult to know what is valid on the internet. I selected a few lawyers and kept re-reading their reviews. I picked Mr. Bussey because I found consistency in the reviews, which characterized him as skilled, professional, attentive and someone who would work for me. I was not disappointed! From the very first visit, he was compassionate, understanding and very thorough. He was detailed in his explanation of what was ahead. I was never surprised about anything. He was always quick to respond to any inquiry I had. In the end, the outcome was extremely positive. I truly believe Mr. Bussey’s guidance and thorough preparation lead to that positive outcome. I don’t usually write reviews, but in this case I hope this will help someone who is in a similar situation. Thank you Mr. Bussey!

5 Jason Weav via Google logo

On one of the worst days I’ve been through, Mr Bussey was there for my family and I. He quickly put me at ease, was compassionate and fought for me. I couldn’t be happier with the service Mr Bussey and his law firm provided and neither will you!

5 Mark Ryan via Google logo

Tim has counseled several of my family members and friends. His understanding of the law and compassion for the cases made the unfortunate situations very manageable. He is an outstanding attorney and I would highly recommend him.

5 Chad Coker via Google logo

The Law Office of Tim Bussey really helped me through a tough time. Mr. Bussey and his staff made me feel right at home and was able to get the felony charges against me dropped. I would recommend Mr. Bussey to anyone who needs to find a great criminal defense lawyer.

5 C0hunter916 via Google logo

I got a speeding ticket (3 points),and Mr. Bussey was able to get my points reduced to ZERO! His services were very professional, and Mr. Bussey was very personable! I highly recommend him for all your legal needs!

5 Andy Wilfong via Google logo

I have utilized Tim’s services for over 15 years, whether related to traffic violations or other situations. Each time, I received a favorable outcome versus what initially appeared to be a dismal situation, including one instance where Tim’s experience with the justice system kept me from having to pay additional fines and loss of my driving license. Because of Tim’s excellent service, I have referred at least 10 associates to Tim’s practice, all of which were very pleased with their outcomes.

5 Blake Wilfong via Google logo

Mr. Bussey helped me retain my license after I received two 6-pt tickets within months of each other. Being 21 at the time, he also educated and advised me on the consequences of future. traffic violations, which has resulted in me being a safer and better driver.”

5 Aaron Edwards via Google logo

The representative that I met with was very professional and straightforward. They did not try to give me unneeded representation. Their advice saved me time, money and gave me peace of mind about my case.

5 Karen van Vuuren via Google logo

Thank you Bussey law firm and Philip for the sage advice. You are much appreciated for your candor and knowledge.

5 Sean Simpson via Google logo

Mr. Bussey worked with me for around a year on my DUI and never let me give up hope, he cares about his clients and he cares about the law. He doesn’t show it at first but he is passionate when it comes to getting his clients what they need. I am so glad I picked this firm.

5 Susan Olson via Google logo

We hired Clinton Albert of the Bussey Law Firm to resolve a traffic ticket. He was direct and forthright in our pre-trial conference and worked hard to get the outcome we wanted. Highly recommended!

5 Scott Richter via Google logo

I contacted Mr. Bussey regarding an incident last New Year’s ever where I was pulled over and tested for drinking and driving. Although I was well below the legal limit I was issued 2 other traffic violations. With Mr. Bussey’s help I was able to reduce the fines, have one ticket thrown out, and not be penalized for the existence of alcohol. Would not have had the same outcome without his experience and advice.

5 AbbyJo Sorrels via Google logo

I received a 4 point ticket for speeding in a school zone. Clinton at The Bussey Law Firm was able to get it to down to a small fee and 0 points! They sat down with me and went over everything to make sure all questions were answered. I would suggest Bussey Law Firm to anyone looking for a great lawyer!

5 Patches Carter via Google logo

I had the privilege of having Shad as my attorney. He handled my situation with the utmost professionalism and passion. How Shad worked out such a complicated case exemplified the competence of The Bussey Law Firm, P.C.

5 Steven Hochstatter via Google logo

I was facing a seious felony charge and looking at jail time.Tim and his staff worked tirelessly to prove my innocence,with his hard work and commitment to duty i was cleared of all charges! I highly recommend him ! quite simply he is the best in Colorado!

5 Detrimentalcase via Google logo

From the minute I walked into The Bussey Law Firm, Tim was very professional, understanding, stayed in contact with me and ultimately got my case dismissed.

5 John Stokes via Google logo

Very professional turned a bleak situation into a deal I was happy with. I would highly recommend. Had complete command of the court room. The respect he commands is impressive.

5 Jammie Guaracha via Google logo

Mr. Bussey went above and beyond to help my husband and I and he didn’t have to. I have alot of respect for him and his team. I would recommend him to anyone 🙂

5 Jeff Carley via Google logo

Awesome lawyer. Always considered what was best for my son and provided a great defense. I highly recommend him.

5 James Christiansen via Google logo


5 Sarah Gibeau via Google logo


5 Karl Flemke via Google logo


5 Jim Brandt via Google logo


5 Carl via Google logo


5 Ashley Johns via Google logo


5 Justin Hughey via Google logo


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5 J via Avvo logo

Mr Bussey is a excellent choice. He started working my case immediately. His expertise and reputation lead the DA to immediately drop my case and it was dismissed with prejudice. When the military picked up my case he recommended a military lawyer who fought my case in court and I was acquitted of all charges. Do not hesitate to retain Mr Bussey. In a battle to save your life and reputation he is worth every penny. Thank you Mr. Bussey.

5 Brian via Avvo logo

I hired Tim Bussey to represent me in a difficult matter. He was very proactive with the court, straightforward, and always available to talk when needed. His advice to me was spot on and he negotiated a better deal for me than I ever thought possible. Tim knows all the right people in the courtroom, including DAs and judges, and is well respected. In my opinion, it is absolutely critical to have a local attorney who knows that particular court system and Mr Bussey knows it better than anyone. Don’t let the fact that he is busy deter you, this is actually a good thing. He is absolutely worth every penny. I highly recommend Timothy Bussey!

5 Anonymous via Avvo logo

I had a Careless Driving charge, in which I showed up for my first appearance by myself. The DA, wanted to give me a deferred sentence and in return he wanted 4 hours of Traffic School and 25 Hours of Community Service. I said no and scheduled it for a Trial Preparation and a Jury Trial. I was in over my head, so I got on Avvo and found Mr. Bussey and hired him.
Mr. Bussey. was able to Plea Bargain it to a Deferred Sentence, so that it wouldn’t show up on my record. In return I did a 4 Hour Master Drive Class and Paid $150 plus Court Costs – $212.50 No Community Service. I was ecstatic!
If your life is on the line, you wan’t an experienced Trial Lawyer who’s name is well respected in the Legal Community, so you don’t have to go to trial!
He got it resolved quickly and efficiently and this is all behind me now. I thank God and I Thank Mr. Bussey. When your life is on the line, don’t take chances – Hire the best in Colorado!

5 Benji via Avvo logo

I would strongly recommend Mr. Bussey for any friends/family as an attorney for any defense. Mr. Bussey did make this amazing judgement of “case dismissed” happened to me. Even DMV officer said ” You are lucky” when I got a new and clean DL.

5 Anonymous via Avvo logo

I hired Mr. Bussey to represent me after the Colorado Springs Police Department charged me with fighting. Mr. Bussey knew exactly what to do in my case. He executed his strategy to perfection, resulting in my case being dismissed. I was charged with fighting in public; and the complainant was not. Mr. Bussey convinced the district attorney to attempt mediation with the complainant at the Neighborhood Justice Center, which resulted in the complainant requesting the district attorney to dismiss the charge. The district attorney did dismiss the charge. Mr. Bussey then successfully petitioned the court to have the case records sealed. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome! If you need an attorney, Mr. Bussey’s experience, legal expertise and professionalism make him your best choice.

5 Jen via Avvo logo

We talked with a couple lawyers before we visited Tim’s office. The first time we talked with Tim about our case, we knew he was the one we wanted to handle it. He took the reigns, was extremely knowledgeable about the law and his whole staff was personal and great. Every time we called or emailed with a question about the process we recieved a return call immediately. The results Tim got for our case was everything our family had hope for. He never sugar coated the other possibilities but he ensured we knew everything every step of the way. I felt he handled us as if we were old friends. We hope to never need the services of a lawyer again, but if we did…Tim will be our first call. If you find yourself in need of a lawyer, we highly recommend Tim for any legal services if you want someone who knows the law, is extremely professional and personal and treats the case as if it was his only one.

5 Abby Jo via Avvo logo

I received a 4 point ticket for speeding in a school zone. The Bussey Law Firm was able to get it to down to a small fee and 0 points! They sat down with me and went over everything to make sure all questions were answered. I would suggest Bussey Law Firm to anyone looking for a great lawyer!

5 Justin via Avvo logo

Tim was a incredible lawyer. When we went to a hearing he recited so much case law to back up our case it put the ada to shame. He’s a great man who really knows his stuff.

5 David via Avvo logo

Tim did an excellent job defending a friend of mine. I was in court everyday of the trial to watch him in action; and the end result was not guilty!

5 Steve via Avvo logo

Mr. Bussey recently represented me at trial and I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. Each case and client is important to Mr. Bussey and he worked hard to make my case successful going above and beyond expectations! He was open and honest from the start and walked me through every step.

5 Ned via Avvo logo

Tim represented my son who is a new driver and got into his first fender bender. Tim was able to dramatically reduce his points through attending a driver safety class. The class was very effective in changing the attitude of a young driver. Tim was instrumental in that change.

5 Tanya via Avvo logo

Mr. Bussey helped me with a ticket from a moving violation. I was involved in a accident during a snow storm and was given a 4 point ticket for careless driving. Mr. Bussey was very helpful and a pleasure to work with. He was able to keep the points off my driving record which was my big concern. I felt through this entire experience that Mr. Bussey had my best interests at heart and that he was doing his utmost to ensure that this accident would not leave a permanent mark on my records. I would highly recommend him as he is a consummate professional and incredibly knowledgable. But also a good man who was concerned for my safety and well being after the accident. If you need an attorney choose Timothy Bussey!

5 Tom via Avvo logo

I just completed a case with MR. Bussey. This was the best choice I could’ve made. MR. Bussey is honest in reviewing the case and letting you know what to expect. He worked hard to attain the outcome that was discussed at the start of the proceedings. He answered every question and returned every phone call in a timely manner. Both Tim, and his staff, were genuinely concerned about the outcome of my case. If you find yourself in need of an attorney, in my opinion, there is no better choice than Tim Bussey. Without a doubt, the best attorney in Colorado!

5 Mark via Avvo logo

Like many in COS I work for the government, I also carry a gun for a living. I was going through a heated, nasty, expensive divorce and was charged with a two domestic violence charges. The evidence against me was not good, it appeared I would have to find a new way to make a living. I was beside myself, absolutely devastated. Tim was the best investment I’ve ever made! He’s a professional. He thinks outside of the box and gets things done. He worked through weekends and lifted a lot of weight off my shoulders. Trial day came and all charges dismissed! Tim is on my speed dial, he will remain my go-to attorney. I could not be more thankful to have found this kind of representation.

5 Dennis via Avvo logo

Being from Arkansas, I made a huge mistake by driving in Colorado while impaired by alcohol. I refused a breathalyzer test and my drivers license was confiscated by the police. My Estate Planning attorney in Arkansas recommended I seek the legal services of Mr Bussey. Not only did Mr Bussey get my drivers license returned to immediately, he negotiated a settlement that was more than beneficial to me. I received a deferred DUI sentence that will not go on my record after two years and I ended up with a judgement of Careless Driving. When the infraction first took place, there is no way I would have ever dreamed in my wildest imagination that the sentence I received would be so lenient. Thank you with all my heart Mr Bussey.

5 Justin via Avvo logo

Tim was very professional and knowledgeable. What really makes the difference is that I truly felt that all aspects of my case were explored. The process took quite a bit longer than expected and Tim was available and engaged throughout. I was never concerned about what he was doing with my case and was continually impressed. Given the circumstances of my DUI case I don’t think many attorneys would have taken it to trial, but we did and I was found not guilty by a jury. Worth every penny for sure.

5 Keith via Avvo logo

I called Tim after my ex had me arrested for false Domestic Violence (DV) charges. Tim was very professional and compassionate. He took the time to explain the Colorado DV Laws and listened to my side of the story before describing some ideas on how to proceed. He always responded quickly to my calls or requests for a meeting. Our Court appearances went exactly as he predicted, and I’m pleased to state “ALL my charges were dismissed by the District Attorney’s office and my arrest record has been Sealed.” It became obvious to me during this process that Mr. Bussey is highly respected by the DA’s Office and the Judges/Magistrates in El Paso County and 4th Judicial District. Look no further – Call him.

5 Naycherie via Avvo logo

Recently my significant other and myself retained Mr. Bussey’s services for a DUI case. My significant other was the one facing the charges. He was very patient with us through the entire process. His staff is also very helpful. Never once did Mr.Bussey treat us unfairly. He always returned our phone calls and also made time to explain things which we would did not understand. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a competent lawyer who knows what he is doing. He was able us to get the results we needed which was to avoid jail time for my significant other and be able to leave to the state to move on with our lives.

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If you find yourself in need of a lawyer for a DUI/DWAI charge, I would absolutely recommend Timmothy Bussey. After my first consultation, I felt like I had chosen the best. Now that my case is over, I know I definitely did! He even worked to resolve an issue with the DMV after court. Mr. Bussey’s accolades as one of Colorado’s TOP attorneys are well deserved. His professionalism and expertise are phenomenal. He is also patient and compassionate which helped  a lot to ease the pain and apprehension during my court process. I can not imagine what the outcome would have been had I chosen a different lawyer, or even worse, tried to go it alone.

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Having received a DUI one of my priorities was finding the best representation I could. I finally settled on Tim. In retrospect I feel I made the best possible choice of representation I could have. The result Tim managed to obtain I suspect few others would have been capable of bringing. Tim deals with these kinds of issues and the system on a routine basis and will take care of you the best he can. Don’t go it alone, and don’t seek the cheapest representation. Take the time to meet with Tim.

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I hired Tim Bussey to handle my DUI case. He explained the process to me, as well as how he would be fighting each step and what i should expect. He was very straight forward with how tough the case would be from the get go. I highly recommend Mr. Bussey if you should have any legal troubles especially concerning a DUI. His experience and knowledge truly showed at every step we took. Thank you Mr. Bussey.

5 Bill via Avvo logo

If you need someone you can trust and will be responsive, Tim Bussey is the guy. He is so well known in his field that prosecutors think twice before taking him on. I was thoroughly impressed with his technical and legal expertise during my entire process. His advice was SPOT ON, and you can tell that the other parties involved all knew and respected Tim.

5 Anonymous via Avvo logo

Last year I was charged with a DUI (first offense). My case was a difficult one due to a vehicle crash and a high B.A.C, but Tim helped me keep my license, as well as reduce my offense to a DWI. Tim kept me informed at all times and was very flexible for my schedule. He is highly respected in the Colorado Springs judicial branch and I would recommend him to anyone seeking help and in need of a great lawyer.

5 Dan via Avvo logo

After receiving a DUI I was lost and uncertain of what the Colorado Civil and Criminal system had in store for me. I, like most people, thought that I was professionally “ruined” and that I was alone in this situation. Not true! Tim never once downplayed the seriousness of my offense nor did he give me unrealistic expectations, instead he explained the Colorado laws to me until I understood them. He explained both the civil and criminal side and outlined a course of action. Tim has credibility! After taking his advice and believing in what he was capable of I can honestly say that I am satisfied, in fact, beyond so in the outcome of my case. I would not encourage anyone to act as irresponsibly as I did, but if you or anyone needs a true professional to represent you in time of crisis, Mr. Bussey is your lawyer. Expect the best and you will get what you expect! Mr Bussey’s staff needs to be complimented as well. I never once was without answer to any question that I had. He truly has an open door policy that works and always remains a phone call away. No delayed email response, no lost communication trail; only answers. Not sure anyone could want or expect more. Thank You Tim for your services!

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After receiving a serious offense, I hired Tim Bussey to help me and my case. Tim immediately started working on my case and always handled everything quickly and efficiently. I am confident that Tim did the best job on my case and would recommend him to any one I know.

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Mr. Bussey brings with him a wealth of time and experience, handling all types of cases, most specifically DUI. Mr. Bussey belongs to various DUI law panels and societies and keeps himself involved and up to date on all DUI legislation. He and his staff were extremely understanding about my individual situation and accommodated my accordingly. My case turned out far better than I ever imagined. This man will literally save your driving privilege and way of life.

5 Flo via Avvo logo

Tim is hands down the best DUI lawyer you could ever ask for. From day, 1 he is upfront with his expectations and his goals. He made me feel comfortable and optimistic throughout th entire process. He informed me and kept me udpated throughout the entire case. His knowledge and reputation here in Colorado Springs is at the top. Not only did Tim win a major favorable outcome in my case but he in short words saved my career. Tim was worth every penny and though I hope to never need his services again, I will hands down recommend him to anyone that is ever put in a situation where his services are needed! THANK YOU TIM

5 Renee via Avvo logo

Mr. Bussey handled my criminal defense with great care, understanding, and personal attention. His knowledge and professionalism in the courtroom earned respect from the prosecutor and the judge. This was a great asset to my case. Mr. Bussey is a top rated attorney for good reason and I was very pleased with the results he obtained. I would recommend Mr. Bussey’s services to any of my friends and family.

5 John via Avvo logo

I sincerely felt that Timothy Bussey was the best lawyer I have ever dealt
with in Colorado. He was extremely well-organized and he made sure I was thoroughly prepared for my court case. I was very pleased with the outcome of my court case. I would recommend him without hesitation.

5 Anonymous via Avvo logo

Tim handled my DUI case. He is very professional and trustworthy.

5 Steve via Avvo logo

I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of my case and the service I received during the process from start to finish. Tim Bussey was a strong negotiator and advocate who truly had my best interests at heart and took a genuine interest in my case. Tim and his staff were always available as I had questions and went above and beyond in making sure I got a fair settlement. Thanks again for all the hard work.

5 Anonymous via Avvo logo

I hired Tim for my DWAI case in Colorado Springs. He was very professional, responsive, and well worth the investment. What most people neglect to acknowledge when they are hiring an attorney is the fact you are not only paying for their legal expertise, but their ability to work within the local/county/state legal system as well. An attorney that has a solid rapport with those civil servants possesses a commodity that is worth its weight in gold-Tim has that. Many will tell you “you get what you pay for”, I received much, much more value from Tim’s services than my pocketbook reflected.

5 Marie McHale Drake via

I recommend Tim Bussey because he is a very talented trial attorney and a courageous fighter for his clients. I had the honor of witnessing Tim work up cases at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College and he was more than impressive. I would recommend him to anyone needing a criminal or personal injury attorney.

5 Sarah Toney via

Tim is one of the top DUI attorneys in the country. His skill and knowledge are unmatched. He is the best of the best!

5 Bob Keefer via

Tim is an incredible DUI attorney who works hard for his clients. If a family member or friend received a DUI in the geographic area he practices he would be our first choice. Tim knows the law, the science and the courts.

5 Steven Hernandez via

I’ve known Tim for many years. He is nationally recognized as an authority in DWI and criminal defense. He works tirelessly for his clients and the results show it. If I were charged with a DWI in Colorado. I would not hesitate to call Mr. Busses.

5 Tom Pachak via

I just completed a case with MR. Bussey. This was the best choice I could’ve made. MR. Bussey is honest in reviewing the case and letting you know what to expect. He worked hard to attain the outcome that was discussed at the start of the proceedings. He answered every question and returned every phone call in a timely manner. Both Tim, and his staff, were genuinely concerned about the outcome of my case. If you find yourself in need of an attorney, in my opinion, there is no better choice than Tim Bussey. Without a doubt, the best attorney in Colorado!

5 Justin J. McShane via

Tim Bussey is a rock star in the criminal defense and DUI community. You can trust him with the most complicated and serious cases.

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