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A criminal offender who gets probation instead of jail time must abide by court imposed conditions and terms. Depending on what criminal act you committed and other factors, such as your background, the court may order you to attend drug and alcohol education classes, counseling and therapy. On top of these education obligations, you may be required to perform community service, check in with a probation officer, avoid "new charges" and adhere to restrictions about where you can travel and whom you may visit.

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If the court rules that your criminal behavior stemmed in part from a mental health problem, you might be eligible for a program called AIIM (Alternatives to Incarceration for Individuals with Mental Health Needs). This public program involves a variety of departments, including the Sheriff's Department, the Probation Department, and Community Corrections. Participants receive therapy to manage their mental health conditions that may help them avoid re-arrest and probation violations.

The court may also, as a condition of your release, require that you engage in suitable employment or vocational training. The probation department also oversees a program called Alcohol Drug Driving Safety Unit (ADDS Unit), which helps to rehabilitate defendants convicted of offenses such as driving under the influence or DWI with injury.

In addition to attending alcohol classes, ADDS Unit participants will also engage in community service and participate in a Victim Impact Panel. Depending on the seriousness of your Colorado Springs DUI violation, you may or may not need to meet with a probation officer after your first meeting, and the monthly supervision fee may or may not apply.

Failure to Meet Probation Violation Education Requirements in Colorado Springs

In high school or college, if you skip a class, the school can punish you by giving you detention, downgrading your report card, or even suspending or expelling you.

If you violate a probation education requirement, however, the consequences can be much more vigorous. Classes are intended to help and rehabilitate. But they are not optional. If you skip them or fail to complete them in time, you could be convicted of a probation violation in Colorado Springs.

If the judge rules that you violated your probation by failing to attend alcohol education or other classes, your probation may be revoked. You may have to serve time in jail or receive stricter terms and conditions of your probation.

Developing a Sound Defense to Colorado Probation Violation Charges

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