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Revocation of Probation in Colorado - What You Should Know

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You and your Colorado Springs defense attorney worked long and hard to develop a legal strategy to get you probation instead of jail time for a conviction.

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Per the arrangement with the court, you agreed to a variety of terms and conditions for the probation. These might have included:

  • Attending drug and alcohol education classes;
  • Doing community service;
  • Following up with a probation officer on a regular basis;
  • Paying fees and court costs;
  • Paying money to a victim of a crime you committed;
  • Remaining within the court's jurisdiction;
  • Refraining from abusing alcohol or drugs or possessing dangerous weapon or firearms;
  • Enrolling in ongoing psychiatric treatment.

Each Colorado Springs offender who goes through probation will engage with the various restrictions in different ways. Even offenders who wholeheartedly embrace probation terms and strive to do their best can make mistakes. Many other circumstances can lead to probation violations. For instance, say you've taken on two jobs to support your family in the wake of your conviction. Simultaneously, you're taking alcohol education classes, doing community service, and trying to reconcile with the demons that led you to commit the offense in the first place. Due to these stresses, it's easy to make time management errors.

Alternatively, perhaps the stresses led to a lapse of judgment, and you committed a new criminal offense that threatens to compound your legal woes. For instance, maybe one night at a local bar in Colorado Springs, you had too much to drink and then got behind the wheel. Within minutes, police pulled you over. Now, you face a Colorado Springs DUI charge.

Both technical violations and new offenses can serve as grounds for revoking your probation. What does this mean?

First of all, the standard for a judge to find you guilty in a probation violation offense is very low. You merely need to be proven guilty beyond a "preponderance of the evidence" - essentially 51%. The judge is in charge of finding the facts, and there is no jury to appeal to.

Depending on the seriousness of the violation and other factors, including your past criminal history, the seriousness of the offense for which you were convicted, your level of contrition, and the amount of probation you have already served, the judge may decide that the offense is bad enough to warrant the revocation of your probation. This may mean that you will serve time in jail. In cases of "new offenses," you can end up serving jail time both for the new offense and for the old offense that you are on probation for.

Designing an Appropriate Defense

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