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It may have started as a regular night out with friends, a concert, or maybe you are struggling with addiction. It could have been any number of situations. Whatever the case may be, you were stopped by the police and, before long, you were arrested for possession of cocaine. If this sounds familiar, you aren't alone. Each year, hundreds of individuals throughout the state of Colorado, face drug charges in connection to cocaine; from simple possession to sale and distribution.

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What Happens if I am Convicted of Cocaine Possession in Colorado?

First, we are taking a very big leap and assuming that you will be charged with a drug crime involving cocaine. But hypothetically speaking, if the police and prosecution have a strong case, there are a number of different possible outcomes. In every case, the mitigating and aggravating circumstances surrounding your arrest will play a considerable role in your eventual sentencing. Some of the more important questions to consider include:

  • Do you have any prior drug related arrests or convictions?
  • How much cocaine was actually found on your person at the time?
  • Were you in the process of selling cocaine when you were arrested?
  • How old are you and were you near a school at the time of your arrest?
  • Did you have a firearm in your possession or nearby at the time of arrest?

Depending on how you answer the aforementioned questions and a number of other factors, you could be facing considerable fines and potential jail time. Perhaps the most significant question at the outset of the case is the amount of cocaine at the heart of the allegations. Cocaine is a Schedule II controlled substance in Colorado.

Any amount of cocaine is automatically charged as a Class 4 Drug Felony with the potential for imprisonment for up to 2 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections. Smaller amounts, less than 4 grams, may be eligible for probation and the opportunity of avoiding a felony conviction through drug treatment. Larger amounts, however, have the potential to subject you to even longer sentences. Based on the circumstances of your case, regardless of amount, the district attorney may charge you with possession with intent to distribute cocaine. If charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine, the penalties are much greater than for simple possession and include a sentence of up to 32 years in the Department of Corrections in certain cases.

Intent to Distribute Cocaine

In People v. Gilmore, 97 P.3d 123 (2003), the Colorado Court of Appeals upheld a conviction for possession with intent to distribute cocaine where one piece of rock cocaine was on the floor and a "crumb" was in the toilet. Because the amount was small, the prosecution focused their case on what else was recovered from the apartment. The jury found that the evidence of a sale from the apartment days earlier and the presence of a security camera, tinfoil squares, a safe, lock box, and approximately $3300 was proof beyond a reasonable doubt of possession with intent to distribute.

While your case may be similar, each case presents unique issues that must be carefully examined to afford you the best defense possible. You will need to speak with a dedicated criminal defense attorney to review the specifics of your case.

When Should I Contact a Colorado Springs Drug Crime Defense Attorney?

As soon as possible following your arrest. You will need competent and skilled representation to successfully guide you through the Colorado courts. The longer you wait, the longer the prosecution has to build a case against you. While law enforcement and prosecutors will insist that your case is a lost cause and guarantee you a lengthy sentence and a felony conviction, this is not a foregone conclusion. Many officers and prosecutors, in a rush to gain the conviction, overlook key elements that can make or break a case. At The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. it is our job to thoroughly research and investigate the charges you face and the evidence that may or may not exist. Our team has the insight, the understanding and the determination to ensure your freedoms are preserved - no matter how lost the situation may feel at the moment. Call today and get the help you need from an aggressive Colorado Springs cocaine defense lawyer.

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