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Facing criminal charges, regardless of the alleged crime or your criminal history, can completely disrupt your life. You may have to miss work while being held in custody, pay steep fines, or lose privileges, such as your driver's license. The results of a conviction can be life-changing if you are sentenced to jail.

That's why you need an experienced and aggressive attorney at your side from the very beginning to protect your rights and help you fight for the best possible outcome. Contact a Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. for a free consultation to learn more about how we may be able to protect you against unlawful prosecution.

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A Proactive Defense

If you have been arrested, you may feel overwhelmed and intimidated, especially if you have been interviewed or interrogated by police. Unfortunately, even false accusations can lead to a conviction if the accused does not take action as soon as possible.

Our accomplished legal team represents clients facing a wide range of criminal charges, including:

If you or someone you care about has been accused of a crime, stay calm and contact a defense lawyer to help you understand the charges against you and to immediately begin building a strong legal defense on your behalf. Your reputation and future rely on the choices you make right now. Defense lawyer Timothy Bussey will work diligently to get you the best results possible for your circumstances.

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Fighting Criminal Charges in Colorado Springs

With more than two decades in practice, Timothy Bussey has the experience and confidence to provide skilled legal defense for his clients facing criminal charges. As a former Active Duty Judge Advocate in the Office of the Area Defense Counsel, Mr. Bussey can represent clients both on and off military bases, having served cadets, officers, and enlisted personnel against civilian criminal charges, as well as military-specific charges, such as disrespect toward a superior officer and failure to obey a lawful order. Overall, Mr. Bussey is dedicated to advocating for the accused and helping them when they have no choice but to trust in their defense counsel.

Regardless of where you face criminal charges, veteran trial attorney Timothy Bussey is committed to providing efficient and accurate legal counsel to help you save you time and money. Being arrested does not mean that you have committed a crime. Call (719) 475-2555 to speak with a defense lawyer at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. to learn about how to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed. Your first consultation is free.

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