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Charged with Treason in Colorado Springs?

Treason is among the most serious of state and federal crimes. The offense is defined as a betrayal of one’s own country, federally, and at the state level, a betrayal of the state. The actions associated with a charge of treason include attempts to overthrow the government, or by aiding the enemies of the state by revealing confidential information. Charges of treason have three elements:

  • The individual has an obligation of allegiance to the country or state.
  • The individual had the intent to violate the obligation.
  • The individual took action that violated the legal obligation of allegiance.

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Treason and the U.S. Constitution

Treason charges filed in federal court are listed in the Constitution, which speaks to two types of conduct:

  • Levying war against the United States
  • Adhering to the enemies of the United States or providing enemies with aid and comfort.

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Colorado Treason Charges

Treason, under Colorado law, is a class 1 felony, and comes with very severe penalties, which include life in prison. The types of actions that may lead to charges being filed by the state include planning a coup against the state government, planning to blow up the capitol building, or actions alleged to have been orchestrating a social media campaign built to inspire other residents to take down the state government.

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Proving Treason

In the state of Colorado, an individual accused of treason cannot be found guilty unless he or she confesses to the acts in open court, or two witnesses provide testimony about the same act of treason. These cases cannot be proven on physical evidence alone but require one of these two additional factors.

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Penalties for Treason in Colorado

The penalties imposed when a defendant is found guilty of treason include life in state prison, without a mandatory parole period.

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Penalties for Treason in Federal Court

If the charges have been filed in federal court, the penalties far outweigh what could be imposed in state court and for some treason crimes, may include the death penalty. Other cases involve a minimum five year sentence in federal prison, along with fines not less than $10,000, and being barred from the right to hold any office in the U.S.

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Defenses for Charges of Treason

If you are facing charges of treason in Colorado Springs, no individual is more critical to your future freedom than the attorney who is defending you. The types of defenses that could be successful include:

  • Lack of Intent: Intent is defined under Colorado law Title 18 as a conscious objective to commit a treasonous offense as defined in state law. Whether treasonous actions were performed or not may not matter with regard to whether charges are filed. If it can be established that the accused lacked the intent, the defendant may be found not guilty.
  • Insufficient Evidence: The prosecutor has the “burden of proof.” When the evidence is weak and can be challenged by the defense, reasonable doubt can be established, and the accused found not guilty.
  • Duress or Coercion: Duress or coercion is when an individual was compelled to commit an offense by being under threat of harm. When this can be established as the reason behind the actions of the accused, the jury may find the accused individual not guilty.
  • Entrapment: Under Colorado law, entrapment is defined as actions by a law enforcement officer taken to convince a law abiding citizen to commit a crime. Entrapment may involve pressure from law enforcement to commit an act of treason such as placing exploding devices, attacking the government, or other acts of treason.

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