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Defense for Juvenile Weapons Crimes

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Like any defense case, all details need to be thoroughly examined in order to determine what exactly happened. In juvenile defense cases, this information is especially vital because adolescents don't necessarily have the life experience necessary to make informed decisions.

Consequently, influencing factors, such as peer pressure, home situations, and relationships with others need to be taken into account when determining the severity of a juvenile weapons charge. A skilled Colorado defense attorney will ensure that all the details are fully taken into account, giving the adolescent every opportunity to come out of the situation as unscathed as possible by the Colorado juvenile court system.

Juvenile Weapon Offense Statistics

The number of young people arrested for weapons charges has declined significantly over recent years. For example, according to an Annual Report put out by the Colorado Bureau of Investigations, 1992 saw a total of 1,142 juveniles arrested for weapons crimes. Fifteen years later, the number of juveniles arrested for weapons crimes was practically half of that, with 670 juvenile arrests having been made.

Taking into account that Colorado's juvenile population grew by more than 300,000 residents during the time period of 1992-1997, we are left with figures indicating a significant decrease in the number of arrests per 100,000 juveniles. Specifically, 125.5 underage individuals per 100,000 juveniles were arrested in 1992, while only 54.7 juveniles per 100,000 residents were arrested in 1997. This decline not only represents fewer arrests, but may also be indicative of more informed decision making on the part of juveniles. Nevertheless, those arrested for weapons offenses still need a proper defense, and the best way to acquire this defense is to retain the services of an experienced Colorado Springs juvenile crime defense attorney.

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Juvenile weapons offenses can take on a variety of forms, including possession, use of, and sale or transport of weapons. Regardless of which weapons offense your juvenile is accused of, a strong defense can help ensure that your juvenile's future is not placed in serious jeopardy. At The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., experienced criminal defense attorneys will fight for your juvenile's future. For more information about juvenile weapons offenses, please get in touch with a Colorado Springs juvenile crime attorney at (719) 475-2555. Call for a free consultation of your juvenile weapons charge case.

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