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Arrested for Boating Under the Influence (BUI)?

person serving beer on a boatBoating under the influence, like driving under the influence, is a serious charge. Handling a BUI case requires an experienced defense attorney that is familiar with the law. If you are facing drunk boating charges we encourage you to contact a skilled Colorado Springs DUI attorney. We will stand up for your rights. We will work hard to see that your life and your future are not jeopardized by these charges.

What Are BUI Penalties in Colorado Springs?

The United States Coast Guard along with individual states (like Colorado) enforces penalties against boaters who operate their crafts under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Penalties can range from fines to license suspensions to loss boating privileges to time in prison. According to statistics compiled by the Coast Guard, more than a third of all boating related deaths involve drugs or alcohol.

Boating while under the influence or, "BUI," can be in some ways more dangerous than driving a car while drunk. Not only can alcohol impair balance, vision, judgment, and reaction time, but these effects can be exacerbated by the fact that the marine environment in general can throw off our senses -- particularly if you don't have lots of experience captaining water craft (and most recreational boaters don't -- on average, American boaters rack up just 100 hours per year on the water). The spray of the water, the throb of the engine, exposure to the sun, and the vibration and rolling action of the boat on water can all challenge the equilibrium and lead to accidents.

What's more, since boat operators tend to be less confident in their skills in general than motor vehicle operators are, they're less likely to react appropriately in emergencies -- even while sober.

Can You be Arrested for BUI Even if You're Operating a Small Solo Craft or a Foreign Ship?

Yes. As long as you're operating a boat of any kind in U.S. waters, you're subject to BUI restrictions. In some cases, it can be a challenge to determine who has jurisdiction over a BUI case -- local officials making an arrest or the United States Coast Guard.

Whether you're dealing with a relatively uncomplicated BUI charge in which no one was hurt and no property damage occurred, or you're facing multiple criminal charges due to reckless boating -- stemming, perhaps, from a spring break rafting trip in the Rockies gone wrong -- you can trust the experienced Colorado Springs boating under the influence lawyers here at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. Call (719) 475-2555 to set up an appointment, or peruse our website for more information.

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