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Defending Vandalism Crimes

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Vandalism is defined as the "willful or malicious destruction or defacement of public or private property."

When adults commit acts of vandalism, it can easily be argued that they probably should have known better, and a judge would therefore rule more harshly against them if the criminal matter was presented in court. However, for all instances of juvenile vandalism, it is important to remember that minors oftentimes don't know any better, and punishment, if any, should reflect that.

Juvenile Vandalism Penalties in Colorado Springs

In the state of Colorado, penalties for juvenile vandalism incidents can be steep, especially when you take into account how young and impressionable some offenders actually are. Monetary fines, for instance, can range from $100 all the way up to $10,000, depending on the scope of the vandalism. Furthermore, convicted juveniles may even be sentenced to up to two years of incarceration. Regardless of what the circumstances are, the best course of action should involve enlisting the services of a juvenile defense attorney who is experienced and up-to-date with current issues and new laws regarding Colorado's juvenile justice system.

Juvenile vandalism is certainly serious in nature, but the details surrounding such as incident need to be put into the proper context. That is, it is relatively unlikely that the acts of vandalism derived from a clear and blatant attempt to destroy another person's property or in any way cause harm to the person whose property was vandalized. This notion can be strengthened by the fact that adolescents have far less life experience than adults do, and therefore may not fully grasp the consequences that their actions truly have on not only others, but themselves as well. Essentially, like in any case, all the details need to be carefully scrutinized and considered before judgment and punishment of any kind is delivered.

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