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How Should I Respond at a DUI Checkpoint?

By Timothy Bussey on August 5, 2021

Police car lights flashing at night next to officerDUI checkpoints are common on the weekends around Colorado Springs, as bars, clubs, and restaurants become packed with customers. Police officers may set up checkpoints on major roads to identify impaired drivers and arrest them before a collision can occur.

Even if you have already experienced passing through a DUI checkpoint, it is important to understand your rights and how to respond to officers just in case. You don’t want to be facing serious charges.

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When Do DUI Offenders Have to Wear SCRAM Devices?

By Timothy Bussey on July 22, 2021

White wine glass under spotlightThe consequences of a DUI in Colorado can be swift and harsh. Defendants only have a limited amount of time to fight a driver’s license suspension after an arrest, and a judge can issue hefty criminal penalties, including jail time and court fines, for a single incident. Even before your trial is complete, you may have to install an ignition interlock device in your car and abstain from all alcohol. But one of the most dehumanizing requirements is a SCRAM.

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Can You Be Charged With a CBD DUI?

By Timothy Bussey on July 8, 2021

CBD oil bottle on wooden coaster and hanging leavesCBD has become a popular alternative for individuals who want the relaxing effects of marijuana without the psychoactive high that comes with THC. As a derivative of cannabis, CBD oil is legal for possession and use in Colorado, as well as in some instances on the federal level. However, when it comes to our state’s DUI laws, CBD is in a grey area.

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DUI Defenses for Commercial Drivers

By Timothy Bussey on July 1, 2021

Semi-truck dashboard from passenger's point of viewCommercial drivers are responsible for delivering much-needed products and equipment, helping people get around Colorado Springs, and keeping our economy thriving. Without their aid, many businesses would struggle to stay afloat during difficult times. But this responsibility also comes with harsher restrictions on driving. If a commercial driver is charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated – even if it is her personal vehicle – then she risks having her commercial driver’s license (CDL) revoked, which could ruin her career.

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Defending Against a Federal DUI

By Timothy Bussey on June 21, 2021

Most drivers are aware of Colorado’s DUI and DWAI laws, which make it a criminal offense to operate a vehicle with a BAC of at least 0.08% or 0.05%, respectively, as well as the costs of violating these state laws. But federal DUIs are a different thing altogether, much harder to litigate and defend against. If you are tried in a federal court, you can expect to face off against a federal attorney, but there are ways to beat these charges.

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Important Rights Every Prisoner Has

By Timothy Bussey on May 17, 2021

By definition, a person who is incarcerated has lost some freedoms for the duration of the prison term. But every prisoner still has basic human rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. If you or a loved one is facing time behind bars, it is essential to know what rights prisoners have.

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Understanding the Make My Day Law

By Timothy Bussey on April 30, 2021

Here in Colorado, homeowners deserve the right to feel safe in their homes and to protect their family and property when someone threatens them. The Make My Day law grants homeowners legal immunity when they are threatened in a burglary or home invasion and respond accordingly. Depending on the nature of your case, this law may be key in keeping you out of jail.

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When DUIs and Child Endangerment Mix

By Timothy Bussey on April 12, 2021

It is the parents’ responsibility to provide their child with transportation. However, driving your kid to soccer practice could end with you being accused of child endangerment.

When you are charged with a DUI and your child was in the car, whether you were drinking or not, then you could be facing years, even decades, in prison.

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Why Is My DUI a Felony?

By Timothy Bussey on April 9, 2021

Being charged with any crime is a nerve-racking experience, especially since it places your job, your reputation, and your relationship with your family on the line. However, there is nothing more gut-wrenching than finding out that your crime is a felony and that you may spending the next decade in prison.

But why would being arrested for DUI lead to a class 4 felony conviction?

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Know Your Rights During a Pullover

By Timothy Bussey on April 2, 2021

Seeing those red-and-blue lights in your rearview mirror is more than enough to make anyone nervous. However, while it may seem as though the police have the right to walk all over you, you should keep in mind that you have rights, too. Knowing these rights may help you from incriminating yourself during a pullover in Colorado.

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