Marijuana Crimes in Colorado

Colorado Amendment 64 made headlines around the world in 2012. The popular ballot initiative made it legal for people aged 21 and over to possess certain amounts of industrial hemp or cannabis (marijuana). Essentially, Amendment 64 legalized the personal recreational use of marijuana much in the same way as alcohol may be used. In addition, the new law allows for the “commercial cultivation, manufacture, and sale” of cannabis. In spite of marijuana’s new legality in Colorado, possession of it may still lead to arrest. It’s important that the finer points of the law be understood by anyone considering using, growing, or purchasing the substance.

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First, you cannot sell or give marijuana to a minor (under 21 years old). Also, driving under the influence of the marijuana is illegal. These two restrictions are similar to the laws regarding alcohol. Following are some further restrictions you may want to be aware of:

  • You may only possess one ounce or less of marijuana.
  • You cannot give a gift of more than one ounce of marijuana to another adult.
  • A person can grow up to three immature cannabis plants and three mature cannabis plants.
  • The THC concentration cannot exceed three tenths percent. (THC is the active chemical found in cannabis.)
  • Non-Colorado residents may only purchase one quarter ounce of marijuana at a single transaction.
  • Consumption of marijuana is not permitted “openly and publicly” (e.g. smoking a joint while walking down the street).

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