Colorado DUIs Surge Every Holiday Season

The holidays are when families come together and celebrate. Many people travel great distances to visit loved ones and share the spirit of giving. No one wants to worry about drunk driving.

But, there is a clear upswing in the amount of alcohol consumption come Christmas and New Year’s. It gets even worse with the upcoming “drinking holidays” like Super Bowl Sunday and St. Patrick’s Day. And there’s no way to ruin the holiday cheer like being arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Colorado Springs Police Are on High Alert.

Colorado DUIs Surge Every Holiday SeasonIf you’re thinking that it will be okay to drive after a few drinks because the chances that you’ll be caught are miniscule, think again. The police in Colorado Springs know that this is a dangerous time of year to be on the roads. With so many holiday parties taking place, there will be extra patrols and checkpoints in order to ensure that if someone is driving while impaired, he or she will be caught.

The Costs of a Colorado DUI.

The penalties for getting convicted of DUI are severe. Colorado law defines DUI as driving with a blood alcohol level of .08% or above. If you are found guilty, you’ll face a number of punishments, including a fine, a jail term, the loss of your driving privileges, steep increases to your insurance, and an irreversible blemish on your criminal record.

Possible penalties for a first offense include a year in jail, a $1,000 fine, license suspension for nine months, and 96 hours of community service. Multiple offenders must reckon with greater repercussions. Each subsequent conviction increases the length of jail time, the amount of the fine, and how long your license will be revoked. You could even be charged with felony-level DUI, which comes with maximum penalties of twelve years in jail and a $500,000 fine.

A recent study from the Colorado Persistent Drunk Driver Committee found that the average cost for a first-time offender was $13,530 when you calculate in all the fees, fines, increased insurance, and other expenses. The insurance rate hike alone accounts for an average of $3,600, while the fees associated with ignition interlocks amount to $2,172. (These are breathalyzer devices that must be installed on offenders’ vehicles in many cases.)

Your Options After Being Arrested for DUI.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a DUI or DWAI (driving while ability impaired), it can be overwhelming. And now, you know how high the stakes are. Before you do anything else, you’d be wise to speak with a knowledgeable Colorado Springs DUI defense attorney who can get started on your defense. It is possible to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed if you have an aggressive legal team to represent you.

There are a number of ways to approach getting your DUI case dismissed. According to Colorado state law, pulling over a driver without proper justification is illegal. (See People v. McPherson, 550 P.2d 311 (Colo. 1976)) Other possible defenses include a failure on the part of the arresting officer to read your Miranda Rights, faulty administration of a blood alcohol test, or an inaccurate field sobriety test.

Whatever you decide to do, it’s important that you take action quickly. The longer you wait, the harder it will become to mount a credible defense. Don’t let your holiday be ruined by a DUI conviction. Call The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., at (719) 475-2555 for a free consultation.