Five Things Best Left Unsaid at the Thanksgiving Table

The Thanksgiving table is perfectly set. The turkey is tasty and tender. The mashed potatoes are just right. And then it begins – the bickering. Thanksgiving is that wonderful time of the year when families come together to express gratitude for everything we have received during the year. But, what happens at the table may be something entirely different, which is why many of us dread the conversations more than we may dread the cooking.

Five Things Best Left Unsaid at the Thanksgiving TableWhen it comes to maintaining peace at the Thanksgiving table, it is best to steer clear of topics that are inappropriate for the occasion. Here are five things that are best left unsaid at the Thanksgiving table:

1. Sweeping generalizations: These are always/never statements like: “You never call me back” or “You’ve always loved Jack more than you’ve loved me.” These types of statements can spark lengthy, conflict-ridden discussions, which is exactly what makes Thanksgiving a nightmare for many families.

2. Topics to avoid: Here are the big three: politics, money, and religion. Although it may be difficult, these are the subjects that often tear families apart. If these issues should come up, try to be as neutral and diplomatic as possible. And try to steer the conversation away – soon!

3. Negative family gossip: Gossiping about family members almost always never ends well. Instead, go around the table and list what each of you is thankful for. It’s a positive way to steer the conversation – and after all, it is the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

4. Avoid personal questions: Don’t you detest that family member who loves to ask probing questions about your personal life. Are you single? Who are you dating? Are you engaged? Are you married? Did you get a new job? The lesson here: Personal questions may put someone on the defensive and heighten tension at the table.

5. Silence is golden: Finally if you have nothing good or positive to say, don’t say it.

Timothy Bussey and his associates at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. wish everyone a safe and joyful Thanksgiving.