What You Need to Know About Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic drugs may sound safer than natural substances, such as cocaine and opium, but the truth is that these manmade drugs can pose a huge health risk to users. That is why the Colorado State government is eager to crack down on synthetic drug crimes, even if it means innocent people end up in jail.


What Are Synthetic Drugs?

What You Need to Know About Synthetic DrugsA synthetic drug is one that is manufactured. Unlike drugs like cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms, which grow naturally, a synthetic drug is entirely manmade. This means that the creators have a great deal of control over what chemicals are put in the drug, and what impact the drug has on the body. Some common examples of synthetic drugs include:

While being manmade means that these drugs are easier to produce in large quantities, it also gives the creators free reigns to add whatever chemicals they want. This could mean making a drug more addictive, or even adding in deadly chemicals that poison the user. As a result, these drugs are heavily scrutinized by the government, meaning that they are highly controlled substances.

How Synthetic Drugs Are Classified

Colorado, like most other states, has a drug classification system known as “Schedules.” These schedules go from five to one, with five being the least controlled or illegal, and one being the most. Any drug on these schedules is a controlled substance, so making, selling, using, or buying one without a prescription is illegal.

You will rarely, if ever, see a Schedule I or II drug prescribed. These drugs are considered highly addictive and dangerous.

Considering the concerns laid out above, it is no wonder that most synthetic drugs are considered to be Schedule I or II. For example, LSD is a Schedule I drug and meth is a Schedule II drug. This means that neither can be used or bought without a legitimate prescription, and it is very unlikely that a doctor will ever prescribe either.

Even synthetic cannabis is a highly controlled substances, despite natural cannabis being legal for recreational use in Colorado. This is because the effects of synthetic cannabis are much stronger, and it has the potential to become highly addictive. On top of that, as it is manmade, it is very easy to add in dangerous and deadly chemicals, causing users to become sick or even die.

Using Synthetic Drugs in Colorado

Most of these synthetic drugs are illegal in Colorado. However, the penalties you face for the use, distribution, or manufacture of any of these drugs will depend on which drug is involved. The penalties for selling Ecstasy (MDMA) are going to be different than the penalties for selling meth. However, the penalties for each are incredibly harsh.

If you have been arrested for selling or using a controlled substance, then you could be facing years in prison, and thousands of dollars in fines. The Colorado justice system takes drug crimes seriously and will not go easy on you. If you want a favorable outcome from your trial, you need an expert drug crime defense attorney from The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. We never stop fighting for our clients. Tell us about your case by calling (719) 475-2555 today.