FBI, Colorado Police Statistics Paint Two Different Scenes of Crime in Denver

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, violent crime in Denver decreased in 2012, but property crime increased – a pattern that defied national trends, in which violent crime increased but property crime fell. However, this image of crime statistics in Denver differs from that painted by the local police department, which states that crime overall increased by 4.3 percent in the city in the past year.

Colorado Crime RatesThe FBI’s preliminary report found that throughout the United States, violent crime rates rose 1.2 percent and property crime rates fell 0.8 percent. In Denver, however, the FBI found that violent crime rates dropped 3.6 percent – but the Denver police found that these rates rose 9.3 percent in the same time period.

The difference was smaller between the FBI’s and the Denver police’s numbers for property crimes. The FBI estimated that property crime rose 3.3 percent in Denver in 2012, while the local police estimated that property crimes rose 3.4 percent.The FBI notes that its report for 2012 is preliminary; the final report may more closely resemble the findings of the Denver police. According to the Denver police force, the FBI’s tracking of crime statistics isn’t as comprehensive as local reports, which may account for the discrepancies.

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