Armed Robbery Spree in Denver Area

Two juveniles are in custody and two adults are being sought after several 7-Eleven stores were robbed at gunpoint yesterday morning. According to a CBS Denver report, the robberies began at an E-cigarette store before spreading to convenience stores throughout the Denver metro area.   Denver Police Department spokesperson Raquel Lopez said, “We’ve had three 7-Elevens in Denver that were robbed, and they are aggravated robberies, there were weapons involved.”  Convenience stores in nearby Adams County were also targeted.

Armed Robbery Spree in Denver AreaAggravated robbery, also known as armed robbery, is a serious offense in the State of Colorado. Simple robbery (Colorado Penal Code 18-4-301) is defined as taking someone else’s property by the use of force, threats, or intimidation. Aggravated robbery (Colorado Penal Code 18-4-302) has the same definition, but involves the presence of a deadly weapon during or after the robbery. Aggravated robbery is a Class 3 felony and considered a “crime of violence” and an “extraordinary risk” crime. Extraordinary risk crimes carry harsher penalties than other felonies. If convicted of aggravated robbery in Colorado, you will face a mandatory 10 to 32 year sentence to the Department of Corrections.

Remember, armed robbery only involves the representation of a deadly weapon during the crime, not that it is used, displayed, or, in some cases, even present. “Deadly weapon” is a broad term which includes any “device, instrument, material, or substance, . . . that, in the manner it is used or intended to be used is capable of producing death or serious bodily injury.” See C.R.S. § 18-1-901. In People v. Pennese, the Colorado Court of Appeals held that fists, in some circumstances, may be considered a deadly weapon. See 830 P.2d 1085 (Colo. App. 1991).  If an accomplice has anything in his possession that can be considered a deadly weapon (knife, gun, club, etc.), you can be charged with aggravated robbery.

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