Should You Hire a Lawyer For a Colorado Speeding Ticket?

Getting a speeding ticket can be scary and frustrating. You might feel like you did not deserve the ticket, or you might be worried about your insurance premiums going up or your license being taken away if you have had other tickets. It can be difficult to handle a speeding ticket, no matter if it is your first or one of many that you have received.

Getting help with your speeding ticket can make a big difference in the outcome of your efforts to fight or handle a speeding ticket. Many people think there is no reason to bother fighting a speeding ticket because they erroneously think there is nothing you can do about a ticket you have received. This is not always the case and having a speeding ticket lawyer working hard on your side can make all the difference in your experience after getting a ticket.

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What Are the Penalties for Speeding Tickets?

Should You Hire a Lawyer For a Colorado Speeding TicketSpeeding tickets in the state of Colorado have various penalties. You will want to be familiar with what repercussions you could be facing after you have gotten a ticket. The more you know about what you are facing, the easier it will be to make a choice about how to handle the ticket that you have been given. If this is your first speeding infraction, you may not be that concerned about having it removed from your record but if you have many speeding tickets, getting your latest ticket dealt with properly can be critical.

Colorado uses the points system to indicate problems with someone’s driving record. This means that infractions like speeding add points to your record. The fines that are leveled for your speeding ticket are linked with the points that you already have collected in your past.

  • 5 to 9 miles over the limit: 1 point and a fine
  • 10 to 19 miles over the limit: 4 points and a fine
  • 20 to 39 miles over the limit: 6 points, a fine, and jail time
  • 40 or more over the limit: 12 points, a fine, and jail time
  • Failure to reduce speed for special hazards: 3 points and a fine

Some speeding tickets in Colorado can also be upgraded to traffic offenses that are linked to criminal charges. This is usually for actions like exceeding the limit by 25 miles per hour. This means that you could face jail time of up to 90 days or a fine if you are charged in this way rather than charged with a regular speeding infraction. There will be increased penalties as well for other criminal actions that are linked with the speeding event.

Ticket fees can also add up if you have more than one ticket. You will start out with small fines of $15 to $100 per offense, but as you get more points against your license, you can see fines of as much as $1,000. You will want to avoid having to pay these substantial fees if at all possible.

Why Should You Fight a Speeding Ticket?

You might choose to fight a speeding ticket because you do not feel that you were going as fast as the officer said you were or if you think that you were not speeding at all. You might also want to fight a ticket because you have so many other tickets on your record and cannot afford to end up in jail. There are many reasons that it is wise to fight speeding tickets, but you might also want to avoid having points added to your record.

In many cases, seeking to have your ticket dismissed or having your lawyer seek a plea bargain to reduce your sentence and fine is a wise choice. In states where points are not used to assess driving infractions, you might not need to worry as much about speeding tickets, but in Colorado, it is a good idea to take even your first speeding ticket seriously and to see if you can fight it.

The choice to fight a speeding ticket can be personal and not everyone wants to do so. You should always consider this a mandatory step to take, however, if you have multiple speeding tickets or if you are going to be facing criminal charges or large fines related to your ticket.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

A lawyer experienced in fighting speeding tickets can be sure that an investigation is done into the ticket, and they can also make sure that the full slate of facts is presented to the judge looking at your case. When you choose to stand before a judge on your own, it can be hard to make a good case about the errors that might have led to you getting a ticket you do not deserve.

A lawyer will almost always seek a plea bargain if you have multiple tickets, and this will be based on your previous good driving history and other information that makes it clear that you take the ticket or tickets that you have received seriously. Having a legal professional explain your side of the story can go a long way toward making a better case for you in your defense than your own explanations.

The Bussey Law Firm Can Help

If you have gotten a speeding ticket in Colorado that you did not deserve, the expert team at The Bussey Law Firm can help! We have years of experience assisting clients in their efforts to secure reduced sentences or dismissed traffic tickets. Our team can make all the difference in the way that your speeding ticket is handled after you have received it.

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