Timothy Bussey Discusses DUI Case on FOX21

Breaking Down the Third DUI Arrest of Pueblo County Sheriff’s Deputy

Timothy Bussey Discusses DUI Case on FOX21Attorney Timothy Bussey appeared on local news affiliate FOX21 to explain charges facing a Pueblo County Sheriff’s Deputy after a third DUI arrest. The deputy faces two charges, careless driving and driving under the influence, after his latest arrest this past June in Huerfano County. While Mr. Bussey is not personally handling the case, he took time to explain the Colorado DUI laws at play.


“The minimum mandatory jail time on a third offense is sixty days,” he told the station. “The legislature enacted that so that if you’re on your third and you’re convicted, you are going to get sixty days in jail.”

In his interview, the Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney noted that additional jail time may face an individual for their third offense when probation is involved. He added that if a person doesn’t comply with probation, he or she will be sentenced to a mandatory year in jail.

Considering the Impact of a DUI Conviction

When charged with driving under the influence in Colorado, jail time is not the only consequence to consider. A DUI conviction can have serious consequences on employment. Many occupations treat DUI offenses seriously and may prohibit employment in a specific field if one is convicted of, or sometimes, charged with, a DUI. Another relevant factor regarding employment is the relationship between the employee and the employer.

In the case of the Sherriff’s Deputy or another civil servant, there may be greater consequences for criminal offenses given the public nature of the occupation and  the expected accountability associated with the job. The same may apply to careers with license requirements, such as an airline pilots, doctors or lawyers.

Being charged with a DUI in Colorado may also have an impact on upcoming employment opportunities if your conviction comes up during a background check.

Facing Multiple DUI Charges? Call an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

The severity of the consequences increases with each repeat DUI offense in Colorado, including mandatory jail time and harsher sentencing. They can have a detrimental impact on your record and your future. You will need a top criminal defense attorney in Colorado who knows your rights and can provide you with strong legal representation as you go through the process of dealing with the charges.

Our founder, Timothy Bussey, is one of the few attorneys in the state with an ACS Forensic Lawyer-Scientist Designation. He is also certified to operate and maintain the Intoxilyzer 5000, is a certified NHTSA Field Sobriety Test Instructor, and is certified in Forensic Chromatography. With Attorney Bussey at the helm, our team at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., has an in-depth knowledge of DUI laws in Colorado and knows how to navigate the most complex cases. We can examine the specific circumstances of your arrest in detail, evaluate the charges associated with your repeat DUI offense, and fight to have those charges reduced or dismissed in the court of the law.  To discuss your case in a confidential consultation, call us at (719) 401-0585.

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