Arrest Made in Colorado Springs Sexual Assault

A 47-year-old man was arrested and charged in connection with a sexual assault near the Hillside Community Center in Colorado Springs. According to a Fox 21 news report, the woman stated she was walking in the area near Hancock Expressway and Fountain Boulevard when the man hit her in the head and dragged her into the creek area. She said the man sexually assaulted her before leaving the area on foot. Police made the arrest a week after the incident following an investigation.

Consequences of Sex Crime Convictions

Arrest Made in Colorado Springs Sexual Assault
A sex crime conviction carries serious consequences for anyone in Colorado. In addition to prison time and hefty fines, convicted individuals will also be required to register as sex offenders. This means that they will have to register with local law enforcement frequently and every time they move. Their neighbors can find information about their arrest and conviction by referring to the Department of Justice database. Convicted sex offenders find it extremely challenging to reintegrate into society because they are constantly subjected to scrutiny.

Sexual Assault Defenses

When arrested on suspicion of committing a sex crime, it is crucial that you do not plead guilty just to make the case go away. There are many potential defenses in sex assault cases. A number of these cases have no basis in facts. Instead, they may be based on mistaken identity, ulterior motives, or a misunderstanding. This is particularly true in stranger assaults where the victim’s memory may be fuzzy. In some cases, victims may not have had a chance to properly see what their assailants looked like.

Contacting an Experienced Defense Lawyer

If you have been accused of committing a sex crime, it is crucial that you contact the experienced Colorado Springs criminal defense attorneys at The Bussey Law Firm P.C. We work hard to protect our clients’ rights every step of the way and ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved. Please contact us at (719) 475-2555 to discuss your case at absolutely no cost.