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Mr. Bussey worked with me for around a year on my DUI and never let me give up hope, he cares about his clients and he cares about the law. He doesn't show it at first but he is passionate when it comes to getting his clients what they need. I am so glad I picked this firm.

- S.S.

I received a 4 point ticket for speeding in a school zone...The Bussey Law Firm was able to get it to down to a small fee and 0 points! They sat down with me and went over everything to make sure all questions were answered. I would suggest Bussey Law Firm to anyone looking for a great lawyer!

- A.H.

Tim was absolutely amazing! He came into court and got all my charges dismissed and sealed like it never even happened. If you want a great attorney who will put in the leg work and get you the BEST results. Hire Tim!

- J.Y.

Tim Bussey handled our case with intelligence and professionalism. We were put at ease immediately, knowing we were in good hands. He kept us informed and was always interested in our feedback. Thank you so very much!

- C.C.

I am SO thankful to have had Mr. Bussey as my attorney. I was facing very serious criminal charges and I knew that Tim was doing his best every step of the way. I was never left in the dark regarding what was happening with my case.
I worked with Mr. Bussey for multiple months and I know that he put forth a lot of work to get me the best outcome possible. He gave my case a lot of personal attention and even spoke with my immediate family from out of state and put their minds at ease. There is a reason he is voted one of the top lawyers in Colorado Springs!

- C.H.

Bussey Law Firm came to my rescue back in December. He helped fight my case, and we ended up winning it. He is dedicated in fighting for the rights of his clients and he cares about each of them. Not only has he helped me out, but some of my friends as well. He is definitely one of the best DUI lawyers you could ask for. I recommend him to anyone that needs a great lawyer, no questions asked.

- B.B.

My husband had a bad accident that took the life of someone. Mr. Bussey was recommended to us by our friend. My husband was found not guilty thank God. We owe it all to Mr. Bussey. He is not just a great attorney he is very professional and a very kind person. We were so blessed to retain him.

- R.M.

Awesome lawyer. Always considered what was best for my son and provided a great defense. I highly recommend him.

- J.C.

I have utilized Tim's services for over 15 years, whether related to traffic violations or other situations. Each time, I received a favorable outcome versus what initially appeared to be a dismal situation, including one instance where Tim's experience with the justice system kept me from having to pay additional fines and loss of my driving license. Because of Tim's excellent service, I have referred at least 10 associates to Tim's practice, all of which were very pleased with their outcomes.

- A.W.

Tim handled several traffic tickets for me. He was able to get my speeding tickets reduced to obstructed window zero point tickets. I feel his services are worth every penny. I would recommend The Bussey Law Firm to anyone who needs representation on a criminal case or personal injury.

- J.N.

I contacted Mr. Bussey regarding an incident last New Year's ever where I was pulled over and tested for drinking and driving. Although I was well below the legal limit I was issued 2 other traffic violations. With Mr. Bussey's help I was able to reduce the fines, have one ticket thrown out, and not be penalized for the existence of alcohol. Would not have had the same outcome without his experience and advice.

- S.R.

I was facing a seious felony charge and looking at jail time.Tim and his staff worked tirelessly to prove my innocence,with his hard work and commitment to duty i was cleared of all charges! I highly recommend him! quite simply he is the best in Colorado!

- S.H.

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