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If you or a loved one has been recently arrested for a crime in and around the Teller County, Colorado region -- be it a minor misdemeanor offense like theft or a major felony charge like assault and battery -- chances are you are confused, nervous, and overwhelmed by the potential punishments awaiting you. It does make sense to be concerned. The actions and decisions you make in the days and weeks following your arrest can have a profound impact on your potential sentencing and long-term ramifications for your professional future.

Types of Criminal Charges

Here is a brief primer on common types of criminal arrests:

Understanding Potential Punishments

Your penalties will depend on the seriousness of your charge as well as other factors, such as whether you have a past criminal record, whether you demonstrate contrition (you are sorry for what you did), and whether you committed additional crimes on top of the one that you intended to commit (e.g. assaulted a police officer while committing an armed robbery).

You might face time in prison, court costs and fines, suspension of your driver's license, loss of a medical or other professional license, and secondary consequences, such as degradation of your professional reputation and difficulty securing loans and voting in elections.

Building a Proper Criminal Defense

Defendants can choose to represent themselves in criminal matters in Colorado. But this practice is not advisable. Criminal law is exceptionally complicated. Uninformed defendants can inadvertently help the prosecution and overlook important resources for their defense.

Experience matters when it comes to criminal defense attorneys. That's why many defendants trust attorney Timothy Bussey, a former prosecutor who has experience at over 100 trials and who has settled more than 1,000 cases in his nearly two decades of practicing law. For a confidential and free case evaluation from Attorney Bussey, call (719) 475-2555 now, or explore the criminal defense videos on our website.

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