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If you or a friend or family member has been recently arrested for a drug crime like possession, distribution, or drug conspiracy, you no doubt feel overwhelmed and scared about the potential legal consequences. Even a conviction for a minor charge, like possession of marijuana, can result in jail time, serious fines, loss of your driver's license or professional license, and long-term ramifications for your career, education, and personal reputation.

Unfortunately, drug crime defendants often accidentally undermine their cases because they don't get good legal help soon enough after the arrest. Experienced prosecutors will work hard to strip you of your ability to defend yourself; if you defend poorly or fail to take appropriate action in time, you may miss out on crucial resources that could help you.

Fighting Back Against Drug Crime Charges

Seemingly simple cases can escalate into a complicated legal battle. For instance, say you got arrested for possessing marijuana and distributing it to co-workers. Prosecutors theoretically could pile on additional charges that might surprise you. For instance, say one of your co-workers took the drugs and then drove under the influence of the narcotics and got into a traffic accident that resulted in an injury to a pedestrian. Since you provided the narcotics, you could be legally implicated in the pedestrian accident indirectly.

Factors that prosecutors will look at when charging you with a drug crime

  • Your prior criminal history (if any)
  • The severity of the crime, per the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines or other rubric
  • Whether you collaborated with others (a so-called criminal drug conspiracy)
  • Whether you committed crimes on top of the drug crime – for instance an armed robbery or assault while in the midst of drug deal gone wrong
  • Whether you demonstrate contrition – that is, are you sorry for what you did?
  • Whether you engage in restitution to victims you've harmed

Your choice of legal representation can also make an enormous difference. An experienced Teller County defense lawyer, like attorney Timothy Bussey of The Bussey Law Firm, P.C, can help you craft a complete defense that anticipates what the prosecutors might throw at you.

Attorney Bussey is a former judge advocate in the U.S. Air Force, and he has settled more than a 1,000 cases and tried over 100 trials. The Bussey Law Firm is AV rated by the peer review rating service, Martindale-Hubbell. Schedule a free consultation with Attorney Bussey by dialing (719) 475-2555. Or learn more about the firm's philosophy, track record, and typical approach at theBusseyLawFirm.com.

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