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Extortion is often confused with robbery because these crimes have several elements in common. During a robbery in Colorado, an individual takes property that belongs to another through force, without obtaining their consent. A person who commits extortion, like a robber, uses threats or intimidation to obtain another's property; however, the person extorted provides that property willingly.

If you are facing extortion charges, it is important to retain legal representation as early in the process as possible. Building a strong defense is paramount if you hope to convince a court to reduce or even dismiss your charges. The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. can help. Our Colorado Springs defense lawyers will work with you closely to figure out whether there are weaknesses in the prosecution's case and to develop the strongest defense possible.

What Are Different Types of Extortion?

There are three main types of extortion. The first is blackmail. In this type of extortion, an individual knows something about another person that, if revealed, could damage his or her career, marriage or other aspect of life. For instance, a person may be aware that somebody was unfaithful in his or her marriage. The individual with this knowledge commits extortion if he or she demands money, services or goods in exchange for keeping this information secret. The second type of extortion is ransom. This involves holding a person captive and demanding money or property in exchange for release. Finally, bribery is also a type of extortion. Bribes are payments made to another person, often for the purposes of convincing someone to remain quiet about something he or she knows or provide some type of service. The person who demands bribes by threatening to reveal this information or cease performing some service is committing extortion.

Why You Need to Aggressively Fight an Extortion Charge

Extortion is a felony theft offense, and a conviction will follow you for the rest of your life. This crime carries prison sentences of up to 20 years and substantial fines. Fighting an extortion charge in the right way, however, can result in reduced charges, shorter sentences and even acquittals in some cases. A Colorado Springs theft attorney is the best person for advice on what to do if you are facing an extortion charge. Contact our Colorado Springs extortion defense attorneys to arrange a free initial consultation and begin the process of aggressively fighting your charges.

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