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DUI and DMV Revocations in Colorado: Know Your Rights

By Timothy Bussey on April 28, 2020

Being charged with a DUI can be a challenge. In Colorado, it can be more daunting than in most other states.  Dealing with the criminal charge is just one part of the process. If you are charged with DUI, you will have to fight your case in court, but you will also have to fight the Colorado Department of Revenue to retain your license. Often, losing your license can cause you more problems than the outcome of the criminal case. This is a separate process apart from the criminal prosecution.  This article focuses on the DMV aspect of a DUI charge. Read the rest »

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What Exactly Is a White Collar Crime?

By Timothy Bussey on April 14, 2020

A white collar crime is a nonviolent crime committed for financial gain. According to the FBI, white collar crimes are characterized by concealment, deceit, or violation of trust. The motivation for this type of crime is to obtain a personal or business advantage, or to obtain or avoid losing money, property, or services. Read the rest »

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Probable Cause vs. Reasonable Suspicion: What’s the Difference?

By Timothy Bussey on April 2, 2020

Probable cause and reasonable suspicion are two similar sounding concepts, but they are applied in very different ways. Both are used by law enforcement officers as a determining factor in whether to detain a suspect for questioning, arrest someone, or search and seize evidence. The U.S. Supreme Court set the standards for reasonable suspicion and probable cause. Although they are similar in some ways, there are key differences between these two concepts. Read the rest »

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How do Police Officers Test for Marijuana DUI’s?

By Timothy Bussey on March 10, 2020

If you have been pulled over at a DUI checkpoint or for a driving violation, you may be at risk of being charged with a marijuana DUI. Recreational use of cannabis products is legal in Colorado – but driving under the influence is another matter entirely. Read the rest »

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The Bussey Law Firm Wins A Decisive Victory at the Court Of Appeals

By Timothy Bussey on February 18, 2020

The Bussey Law Firm PC is known nationally as a leader in litigation and innovative trial strategy. The Bussey Law Firm PC scored a major victory in the Colorado Court of Appeals when in prevailed in the case of Emmons v. Department of Revenue, 18CA1347.   Read the rest »

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Your Colorado Arrest Glossary

By Timothy Bussey on February 8, 2020

If you are arrested in Colorado, you may hear some unfamiliar terms from law enforcement, the courts, and even your own attorney. As though the situation were not bad enough, now you are struggling to understand foreign terms being applied to you and your case. To prepare you in case the worst should happen, we have compiled a glossary of terms that you may hear after you have been arrested in Colorado. Read the rest »

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How to Seal a Criminal Record

By Timothy Bussey on October 30, 2019

In the age of the internet, your private affairs and information are more public than ever. And it’s only getting worse. Particularly bothersome is the public’s ability to locate and retrieve criminal records. If you have applied for school, a job, or even a volunteer position recently, you certainly know that businesses can and do run criminal background checks. Read the rest »

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A Primer on Identity Theft & Fraud

By Timothy Bussey on October 29, 2019

In Colorado, a range of illegal actions can lead to a fraud charge. Fraud is considered a “white-collar crime,” which is defined as an act of deception to secure unlawful or unfair financial or personal gain. A fraudulent act can lead to both criminal and civil charges. In cases of high-value losses, the damaged party may have the right to seek restitution through civil court. Read the rest »

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More Than Just a Breathalyzer: How Does Law Enforcement Test for a DUI?

By Timothy Bussey on September 17, 2019

If you are pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence in Colorado, the officer may ask you to take a preliminary breath test. At this stage, you have the legal right to refuse the breath test and any field sobriety tests without penalty. The preliminary breath test is one factor law enforcement uses to determine if there is probable cause to arrest you. If you are, in fact, arrested, you will be asked to take an evidentiary breath or blood test, in which case refusal will have severe penalties. Read the rest »

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What to Know About DUI Checkpoints This 4th of July

By Timothy Bussey on June 28, 2019

Over the past decade or so, DUI checkpoints have become more common across the United States. Since a 1990 ruling by the United States Supreme Court finding them constitutional (Michigan Dept. of State Police v. Sitz, 496 U.S. 444) many localities have taken advantage of this exception to the Fourth Amendment—the right to search and, potentially, seize. Read the rest »

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