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Boating Under Influence

Avoid a Colorado Boating Under the Influence Charge This Summer

By Timothy Bussey on June 10, 2013

Colorado prohibits boating under the influence (BUI) as well as driving under the influence (DUI). Both criminal charges can result in serious penalties, especially if a person is convicted. An experienced Colorado Springs BUI defense attorney can help you vigorously protect your rights, but the best way to avoid a BUI conviction is never to mix boating and alcohol.

The legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit for operating any kind of boat or personal watercraft in Colorado is 0.08 percent, the same limit placed on operating a motor vehicle. Since 2008, Colorado’s BUI law has applied not only to motorboats and sailboats but to anyone operating any vessel or personal watercraft – even a small hand-paddled boat like a kayak.

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