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Criminal Defense | Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Blog - Part 2

What Should You Do If You’re Pulled Over by Police?

By Timothy Bussey on September 23, 2017

technology-2500010_1920Being pulled over by the police can be a highly stressful situation. Especially in the early moments; it may not even be clear why you are being contacted. The way in which you respond to the officer during a traffic stop can go a long way in protecting you, both during the initial interaction and in the case of future legal action. Read the rest »

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Red Light Cameras Returning to Colorado Springs?

By Timothy Bussey on September 16, 2017

the-stopper-2575843_1920It’s one thing to be pulled over for a traffic violation by a live police officer. We understand that they are expected to monitor Colorado streets for unsafe and illegal driving behavior, but we also know that there is a system in place to contest tickets that we believe might be in error. But with the possible return of red light cameras to Colorado Springs, many drivers have a lot of questions regarding what that means in terms of fairness and enforcement. Read the rest »

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Can What You Say on Social Media Be Held Against You?

By Timothy Bussey on September 1, 2017

twitter-292994_1920With the recent explosion of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, the ways in which we communicate with each other, both publicly and privately, are evolving. As is often the case with new technologies, our laws have not necessarily caught up and it’s unclear how to apply them. For example, can what you say on social media be used in a court of law? Read the rest »

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Hit-and-Run Law in Colorado

By Timothy Bussey on May 1, 2017

hit-and-runThere are many different rules and laws governing traffic and traffic accidents in Colorado. Unfortunately, these laws do not and simply cannot eliminate all car accidents. If you get into a car accident, you have certain duties that you must fulfill. Failing to fulfill your obligations after a car accident could subject you to the loss of your driver’s license and/or, even worse, jail time.

If you are involved in a car accident, regardless of whose fault the accident is, you will be best served by contacting The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. Our team, lead by Timothy R. Bussey, has years of experience handling car accidents on both the criminal and the civil side. Call today if you’ve been in a car accident at (719) 475-2555.

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Do I Need a Lawyer If I’m Innocent?

By Timothy Bussey on April 10, 2017

Colorado Criminal DefenseWhen faced with criminal charges for a crime they didn’t commit, many people believe that hiring a lawyer is not only unnecessary, but may be detrimental to their case. This is a dangerous notion that can often lead to negative consequences.

As soon as you or a loved one has become a suspect in a crime, it is imperative that you seek out the advice and counsel of a trained legal expert. Mistakes happen in our criminal justice system and while we are supposed to maintain the ideal of “innocent until proven guilty,” once the full weight of the legal system gets rolling against you, it can be very difficult to stop.

Read the rest »

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Do I Need a Lawyer for a Misdemeanor?

By Timothy Bussey on April 7, 2017

Colorado DUI AttorneyMost people don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer when they’ve been charged with, or even suspected of, a felony crime. But when it comes to misdemeanor charges, there are many defendants who do not realize that having a lawyer can be nearly as important.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a misdemeanor in the state of Colorado, it would definitely be a mistake to underestimate the seriousness of your situation. Misdemeanors in Colorado can be punished, in some instances, with a jail sentence of 24 months. Additionally, a seemingly small matter may result in lifelong consequences, including the loss of an individual’s right to own and/or possess firearms.

There are three categories of misdemeanors, ranging from class 3, the least serious, to class 1, the most serious. Let’s take a look at the typical crimes that lead to misdemeanor charges..

Read the rest »

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Colorado Man Arrested for Accidentally Shooting Neighbor

By Timothy Bussey on February 11, 2016

A 51-year-old man faces criminal charges after his gun accidentally went off as he was cleaning it. The incident occurred in the 2600 block of Avalanche Heights in Colorado Springs. Officials say the man was cleaning his gun when it misfired. The bullet went through his wall and struck his neighbor, who was sitting on a couch at the time of the accident. The neighbor was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. The 51-year-old man was jailed on charges of illegal discharge of a firearm. Read the rest »

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Colorado Springs 7-Eleven Robbed Twice In One Week

By Timothy Bussey on February 1, 2016

A local 7-Eleven was been robbed twice within a week recently. The 7-11 near Briargate Boulevard and Union Boulevard in Colorado Springs was robbed New Year’s Day morning and then again during the early morning hours of January 6. Both robberies involved a white man in a hoodie and bandanna who brandished a gun. In both robberies, the robber demanded cash and cigarettes before running from the store. No suspect has been arrested. Read the rest »

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Gang Activity on Decline In Colorado Springs

By Timothy Bussey on December 4, 2015

GangsAccording to an article in the Gazette last month, local police say gang activity is down by 27 percent from the same time in 2014.

The Colorado Springs Police Department believes some of the drop in gang activity to a special gang unit that was formed last January. Another reason could be local gang prevention and intervention organizations and other community outreach programs, such as Hard Knox and Urban Peak. Read the rest »

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Study Shows Crime Rates Are Low Even in the “Ten Worst” Colorado Counties

By Timothy Bussey on June 2, 2015

Analyzing the FBI’s most recent crime statistics for Colorado, a group of researchers at ranked Colorado’s counties according to violent crime rates.  And although the site’s “Ten Worst Counties” list has been making the rounds on the Internet, a second look at the numbers reveals that even in these so-called “worst” counties, the number of violent crimes tracked is lower than it is in many other U.S. locales.

Counties on the “ten worst” list includes:

  • Saguache County.  Ranking at number nine on the list, Saguache County recorded 322.6 violent crimes per 100,000 people – but with a low overall population, these numbers included no murders, only two robberies, and 15 assaults. Read the rest »

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