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The Increase in DIY “Ghost Guns” and What It Means for You

By Timothy Bussey on May 12, 2020

A ghost gun may sound like it belongs in a fantasy or mystery novel, but the term refers to a handmade gun that has no serial number. In the new age of online shopping and 3D printers, ghost guns have become incredibly prevalent. They are easy to make, and it is increasingly common for people to order parts online and construct custom guns themselves. It’s now also possible to 3D print a gun, for which blueprints are readily available online.

Because ghost guns do not require jumping through any legal hoops, people have been turning to the DIY gun scene more and more. However, there is an important question on the legality of ghost guns and whether you are allowed to possess one in Colorado.

The Legality of Ghost Guns

According to the Gun Control Act of 1968, you must be licensed with the federal government to make a gun that you intend to sell. You may not manufacture or sell guns anywhere in the United States if you are not properly licensed to do so and breaking this law can carry hefty punishments. However, that does not mean making your own gun is illegal, as the law only pertains to manufacturing guns for the purpose of selling them. If you make a gun for personal use, you will not have broken the Gun Control Act of 1968.

Some states have begun enacting stricter gun control laws in order to combat the rise of ghost guns. For example, California requires that all guns be serialized. If you are found with a gun that has no traceable serial number, you could be considered to be breaking the law. In Colorado, there are no such gun control regulations, meaning that simply having a ghost gun does not mean you are violating any state laws.

Being Found With a Ghost Gun

Gun licenses are not required in Colorado in order to own or possess a gun. This extends to ghost guns as well. However, there are restrictions that may apply depending on your background. For example, minors, convicted felons, and drug addicts are not allowed to own or possess any firearms. Colorado also has laws against private citizens owning machine guns, short shotguns, or short rifles.

While Colorado has fairly open gun laws, that doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t be falsely accused of a crime of you are found in possession of a ghost gun. Not everyone knows the law, and many people assume ghost guns are illegal due to the nature of how they are built.

We at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. know your rights. In Colorado, ghost guns are perfectly legal, and you have a right to owning one if you see fit. If you have been arrested under a false charge of illegal weapons manufacturing or distribution, contact our firm at (719) 475-2555. We fight tooth and nail for our clients.

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