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The car rollover or flip is a staple of Hollywood action flicks. However, this kind of accident is very real, and very dangerous. Cars can flip for any number of reasons, and drivers and passengers alike are rarely ready for this kind of violent and sudden collision. If you have been involved in a rollover in Colorado Springs, chances are you are severely injured, as well as deeply traumatized.

While we at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., can’t undo what happened to you, we can help you get the financial stability you need to fully recover from your injuries. If your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you may be within your legal rights to file a claim. To do so, call us at (719) 475-2555 today. We are waiting to hear about your case.

Why Cars Roll Over

The average passenger vehicle has a fairly low center of gravity. This means that it takes a lot to cause a car to rollover. However, that doesn’t mean these kinds of accidents never happen. Rollovers are more common than you think, and there are a number of scenarios that can cause a car to roll over.

Tripped rollovers: There are two main categories for rollover accidents: tripped and un-tripped. A vast majority of rollovers are deemed to be “tripped,” as in the wheels of the car hit an object, causing the car to lose its balance while moving and flip. Common objects include curbs, large rocks, or a guardrail.

Un-tripped rollovers: Un-tripped rollovers are fairly uncommon, but they do happen. Most often, this happens if a driver takes a turn too quickly, causing the center of gravity to shift and the car to flip. However, is more common in large vehicles, such as pick-up trucks and SUVs.

Pileups: When three or more cars collide, it often results in a pileup, where cars end up positioned on top of each other as a result of the force of impact. This can often lead to a rollover in one or more of the vehicles involved, as part of the car ends up off the ground, providing the leverage needed to get a vehicle on its roof.

Unsafe roads: Roadways play a major factor in whether a car can travel safely. If the roads are not properly paved, have large potholes, or do not have driving barriers, then the result could be a catastrophic rollover – especially on mountain roads.

Popped tires: When tires pop unexpectedly, it can generate enough force to throw the car off-balance. This, in turn, can cause the car to tip and then fall, landing on its roof. Tires should always be made properly, as this is a very real danger, and could cause severe, even life-threatening, injuries.

When Rollovers Become Dangerous

Most modern vehicles are designed with the possibility of a rollover in mind. In order to keep the car from being crushed under its own weight, the roof is usually reinforced, and made strong enough to remain in one piece, even on its back. However, some car roofs do buckle, leading to serious injuries. Victims of car rollovers often experience:

Any one of these injuries could be deadly. If you do survive the rollover, then you will still be in a position where you need immediate medical treatment. That treatment will likely be extensive, which means it will be costly. Dealing with that financial burden while also healing and taking time off from work in order to recover can be too much for most people to handle on their own. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it on your own. When you file a claim with an experienced lawyer by your side, you have the opportunity to get the money you need from the person (or company) at fault.

Determining Liability

The first step in recovering proper compensation is determining just who is responsible for the accident. The responsible party is the one who you file your claim against. When it comes to rollover accidents, there are a few parties that are most often liable. Those include:

Another driver: Most often, your accident will be the result of another driver’s negligence. Perhaps the driver hit your car, causing your car to flip over; or in an attempt to avoid the collision, you swerved out of the way, causing your car to lose balance. Whatever the reason, if another driver was the one responsible for your accident, then he or she is the party you should file your claim against.

The manufacturer: If your accident was caused by a mechanical failure, such as the tire blowing out, then the company responsible for making that part, or responsible for making the entire vehicle, could be considered liable. On top of that, if you suffered further injuries because the roof of the car caved, then the manufacturer may be responsible for the injuries that you suffered as a result of the faulty roof.

The government: The local government is responsible for maintaining roads, keeping them in safe condition. If a sudden and deep pothole threw your car off balance, then the government responsible for the upkeep of that road could be considered liable. However, claims against the government operate on a very tight timeline, so you should contact an attorney and file a claim as soon as possible.

Determining liability, especially after an accident as hectic and violent as a rollover, can be difficult. You may not even fully remember what happened. That is why you should reach out to an experienced and skilled Colorado Springs rollover accident attorney. The right legal team can launch an investigation on your behalf and find the party responsible for your injuries.

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