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Did an Accident in Colorado Springs Cause You to Lose a Limb?

Losing a limb is a severe disability that will permanently affect a person's quality of life and ability to find employment. Amputation is a costly injury that will often require multiple surgeries, long rehabilitations and re-training, and expensive prosthetics.

If you or a loved one lost a limb due to someone else's negligence, Colorado law entitles you to be compensated. Unfortunately, these matters are often left to insurance companies, which are more concerned with maximizing their profits than fulfilling your legitimate needs. You need a tough, determined Colorado Springs injury attorney advocating on your behalf. Call The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., today at (719) 475-2555 to learn more.

What Is Traumatic Amputation?

A traumatic amputation is defined as the accidental severing of a body part, such as a leg, arm, foot, toe, or finger. Rather than taking place in a controlled surgical setting, they are the result of a catastrophic accident. They take one of two forms: a partial amputation means that the limb is still attached to the body by some amount of tissue, muscle, or bone; a complete amputation is when the body part is entirely severed from the rest of the body.

According to statistics from the Amputee Coalition, there are nearly 2 million people living with limb loss in the United States. Of those, nearly 45% suffered amputation as the result of traumatic injuries. (The other main contributors are vascular disease and cancer.) This figure does not include people with severed fingers or toes, which are not as severe as limb loss, but can still be scarring and expensive for victims.

What Types of Accidents Are Likely to Cause Amputation?

One of the leading causes of amputation injuries in the United States is motor vehicle accidents. A person's limbs can be crushed during a collision; for example, your legs if the front of the car collapses. Amputation can be a bigger risk for accident victims who are not in a motor vehicle, such as pedestrians, cyclists, or motorcyclists.

Workplace accidents are another danger. For jobs that require the operation of heavy machinery, it can be easy to become pinned between the machine and a wall or crate. Construction workers, machinists, factory workers, carpenters, warehouse workers, and electricians are at special risk.

Burn injuries are another significant cause of amputations, as fire victims may face the loss of digits or limbs. Amputation accidents can also result from defective products, building or door accidents, and ring traction accidents.

Sometimes, medical malpractice can leave a patient needing amputation. If a wound is left untreated, or a surgical site develops a major infection, or compartment syndrome arises in a limb, surgeons may take a patient's limb to save his life. Needless to say, if it was the hospital's fault that the situation became severe enough to require amputation, the hospital should be held responsible.

Speak to an Experienced Colorado Springs Injury Attorney

When someone else's negligence caused your amputation injury, you shouldn't be stuck with the consequences. At The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., we make sure our clients have the compensation they need to put their lives back together. Our Colorado Springs limb loss lawyers have decades of experience taking on insurance companies and litigating cases when necessary. We'll do everything we can to ensure that you get the support and consideration you deserve. Call us today at (719) 475-2555 to schedule a free consultation.

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