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Following a car crash, you may face seemingly countless issues that don't have easy solutions: the medical expenses are too much for you to handle; your vehicle needs repairs, the costs of which add further to your financial stress; you're not capable of performing your job duties and are losing wages, etc. To make it worse, the person who caused the crash is refusing to admit fault, or their insurance company is making it extremely difficult for you to collect your much-deserved settlement.

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If this scenario seems all too familiar, it's best if you consult with an experienced Colorado Springs car accident attorney.

When faced with the many obstacles that the aftermath of a car crash presents, attorney Tim Bussey of The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. is prepared to help a survivor and his or her family members rebuild their lives. Our law firm is committed to assisting our clients in getting money for damages associated with the crash and the resulting injuries. Call (719) 475-2555 to receive a no-cost consultation about your legal rights.

Car Accident Case Results

  • $750,000 - Wrongful Death Car Accident
  • Undisclosed Amount - Car Accident
  • $125,000 - T-Bone Accident
  • $100,000 - Rear-End Collision

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We Call Them "Accidents," But We Shouldn't

Crashes always have a cause. Usually it involves driver error, but there are plenty of other contributors as well, such as defective car parts, faulty road design, and damaged roadways. When two heavy metal objects collide at even moderate speeds, the results can be devastating.

Soft tissue injuries are overwhelmingly common after crashes. They can range from light bruising around the chest and shoulder where a seatbelt is worn, to severe, debilitating impairments. Both drivers and passengers are susceptible to head and neck injuries, such as concussion and whiplash.

Victims need to be aware that just because they can walk away from an accident doesn't mean they aren't injured. Especially with brain injuries, the symptoms may not be immediately apparent. It may take days or weeks for signs to manifest, and over time, they can gradually grow worse.

It's in your best interests to see a doctor as soon as possible after any collision, just to be sure. Even if your seatbelt protected you, you may be suffering "seatbelt syndrome" - damage to your abdominal organs caused by the impact.

Tim provided an excellent knowledge base...

"I would like to thank Tim Bussey and his law firm for their professionalism and compassion following my car accident. I sincerely appreciate their desire to see me return to my best capacity level for my professional life and family. Tim provided an excellent knowledge base supported by a strong commitment to privacy and efficiency. Without their support, I would still be in pain and with considerable financial concerns their expertise alleviated. Many thanks to them."

- Kari

How Do I Prove Fault in a Collision in Colorado Springs?

If your injury claim is disputed, you must be able to provide evidence that supports your side of the story. An attorney can help you gather the following evidence to help you prove liability and ultimately your claim:

  • Police and medical reports
  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Testimony from accident reconstruction specialists and other professionals
  • Photos of the accident site, damage to vehicles, and injuries
  • Traffic camera footage

You and your attorney may also invoke your state's traffic laws in order to establish that wrongdoing was committed on the part of the other party. This is especially important in cases where the circumstances aren't readily apparent at the crash site.

How Do I Deal with Insurance Companies After a Car Crash?

Simply put, you shouldn't have to. That's your attorney's job. Insurance companies (both yours and the other driver's) are in the business of making money; and they make money by offering you a settlement that is far less than you deserve. The reason you need an attorney is because insurance companies have lawyers on their payroll, whose sole job is to deny claims and reduce payouts. When you have an attorney representing you, the insurance company's lawyers will be less likely to try and pull a fast one by offering you insufficient compensation. Many people are intimidated by lawyers, and feel they have no choice but to accept the offered settlement, even though they feel it is inadequate. The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., will not let that happen to you. We will thoroughly investigate your crash, document evidence, depose witnesses, and construct the strongest case possible on your behalf. You shouldn't be burdened with those tasks when you've just been injured or lost a loved one.

Following an accident, an insurance adjuster may try to contact you. It is important that you do not speak with any representative of an insurance company. An adjuster will use anything to deny your claim, including your own words. Let us handle all dealings with insurance companies. Bottom line: to get the compensation you deserve, you need an experienced Colorado Springs personal injury attorney.

What Are the Common Causes of Car Accidents?

People in today's fast-moving world tend to believe that they can multitask without a hitch, even while driving. However, the fact is our brain is not able to process multiple tasks at once with equal efficiency. In other words, we lose our ability to achieve a task at full capability when we take on other tasks at the same time. This is why multitasking can be quite dangerous when applied to driving.

Some popular forms of distracted driving behavior include:

  • Talking or texting
  • Eating
  • Changing the radio
  • Engaging fully in conversation with passengers
  • Putting on makeup

It is also dangerous to drive while fatigued, drunk, or otherwise impaired. Some of these behaviors are even outlawed and can bring about devastating legal consequences.

Not all auto accidents are attributed to driver error. Some crashes occur due to forces outside of the driver's control. Dangerous road conditions or defective auto parts can and often contribute to collisions. In these cases, a government entity or auto manufacturer may be held liable for damages.

Wrongful Death in Colorado

When a crash takes someone's life, it can be devastating for their loved ones. Knowing that the death occurred due to someone else's negligence makes it worse, and it's only natural for the family to hold the at-fault driver accountable.

Colorado allows wrongful death lawsuits in circumstances in which the victim would have been able to file a personal injury lawsuit. A car wreck is just one of the scenarios in which such a claim could be made. In order to find a defendant responsible for a wrongful death, it's necessary to match the same burden of proof that would have applied had the victim lived. In the case of a car accident, it will be necessary to show that the driver acted with disregard for the safety of the people around him or her. A prime example of this would be a driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Colorado Springs Car Accident Attorneys Protecting Your Rights

Whether your car accident was caused by a distracted driver, auto part defect, or a dangerous roadway, Timothy Bussey may be able to help. Our Colorado Springs car accident lawyers have the legal resources and experience to assist our clients in seeking money for pain and suffering; lost wages and benefits; medical expenses; and other damages.

Please contact us at (719) 475-2555 today for more information and a free consultation.

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