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There are few drivers as dangerous as drunk drivers. They speed, they ignore traffic laws, and they lack control over their motor functions. Those unlucky enough to be victimized by drunk drivers are left with debilitating injuries, if they survive at all. If you have been injured by a drunk driver in Colorado Springs, or you have lost a loved one to a drunk driver, then you deserve proper compensation.

We at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., have worked with countless victims of drunk drivers. We have seen just how devastating these accidents can be, which is why we are so determined to help those in need. Drunk drivers should be held accountable for their actions, and their victims should be given the compensation that they deserve. For compassionate help and a free consultation, call our firm at (719) 475-2555 today.

How Alcohol Impairs Drivers

Alcohol has a serious impact on the brain, leaving those who consume it impaired for hours on end. While many Americans enjoy drinking socially, there is never an excuse to get behind a wheel after consuming alcohol. There are many ways that alcohol impairs a driver’s ability to be responsible. Some of the key impairments include:

Slowed reaction time: The ability to react is a driver’s greatest asset when it comes to keeping himself and other safe. However, alcohol can severely stunt a driver’s ability to react, causing him to do nothing for the crucial few second he has to avoid an accident.

Decrease in vision: Alcohol can cause a person’s vision to become blurry or darkened. This makes it incredibly difficult for a drunk driver to see, meaning he’ll have a harder time avoiding pedestrians, objects in the road, and other vehicles.

Lowered judgment: Being drunk leads to a lowered level of good judgment. That is why drunk drivers get on the road to begin with. This impaired judgment can lead to drunk drivers breaking traffic laws, such as speeding or ignoring the right-of-way, which can, in turn, lead to a serious car accident.

Poor coordination: Alcoholic drinks can impact a person’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This means that a drunk driver is far more likely to turn too sharply, or accidentally miss the brakes when trying to slow down. Either scenario can lead to a deadly collision.

Reduced ability to concentrate: Concentration is key when it comes to driving. That’s why distracted drivers are almost as deadly as drunk drivers. Unfortunately, one of the many effects of alcohol is a reduced ability to concentrate, meaning that drunk drivers are often not paying attention to the road.

The Dangers of Drunk Drivers

Needless to say, drunk drivers are far more dangerous than the average sober driver. That is because drunk drivers, with their lowered reaction times, blurred vision, and poor coordination, are unable to slow down before impact. High-speed accidents are incredibly dangerous, as the faster a car goes, the more force it exerts in a collision. The human body is built to take a certain level of force, and anything exceeding it will be devastating.

Some of the most common injuries we’ve seen DUI victims suffer include:

Of course, it is equally likely that victims will be killed by the accident, either at the scene, in an ambulance, or at the hospital. If you have lost a loved one to a drunk driver, then you should file a wrongful death claim.

Those lucky enough to survive the accident will have debilitating injuries to content with, along with high medical bills, long recovery periods, and medical leave from work. While a personal injury claim against the drunk driver is your best chance of recovering damages, the driver may not be the only liable party involved.

Other Liable Parties

Colorado, like many other states, has dram shop liability laws. According to these laws, a business that serves or sells alcohol, such as a bar, liquor store, or restaurant, can be held partially liable for a drunk driver’s accident under certain circumstances. These circumstances include:

  • They served a minor under the age of 21
  • They served a patron who was clearly already inebriated
  • They continued to serve a patron who had an excessive amount to drink already

This means that you could hold the business that served the drunk driver liable for your damages as well. On top of that, if the driver in question was under 21, and was served alcohol at a private party, then you may also hold the host responsible as well. However, private party hosts are not legally responsible for the actions of people over the age of 21, even if they were visibly intoxicated.

Recovering Damages from Drunk Drivers

After determining what parties should be held liable, you must then move on to calculating your damages. Once you have determined how much the accident has cost you and how much it will cost you in the future, you can use that number to decide how much you need in compensation.

When you begin your calculations, you should start with the economic damages first. This category of damages includes all financial losses that you suffered directly due to the accident. For example, you may add up your total medical bills, all of your lost wages, and how much it will cost to have your car repaired. The total you get would be your economic damages and can act as your bare minimum when it comes to your desired settlement amount.

However, you can also factor in your non-economic damages. This category is for everything you suffered that doesn’t have a monetary value. That can include your pain and suffering, your emotional trauma, and your lowered quality of life. It can be difficult to put a number on this category, as it has to do with your own trauma, and will not come with a bill or receipt the way economic damages do. However, a skilled Colorado Springs drunk driving accident victim attorney can sit down with you, and help you determine just how much compensation you deserve.

The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., Is Here to Help

The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., understand how you must be feeling at this moment. You are probably in pain and scared about what your future will bring. While we cannot undo the terrible accident, we can at least fight to make sure you get the compensation, and justice, that you deserve. If you are interested in working with a skilled Colorado Springs car accident attorney, then call our firm at (719) 475-2555. We offer a free consultation.

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