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For many people, elevators are part of our daily lives. At our apartment building, the office, and other professional buildings, they quickly get us to the right floor. But an elevator is a complicated piece of machinery with many moving parts that all need to be functioning properly for it to work safely.

Over time, regular wear and tear may cause an elevator to break down. And if they don’t receive the required maintenance, elevators can become very dangerous. That’s why there are strict regulations to make sure elevators are inspected and repaired on a regular basis.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in an elevator accident, you may be able to seek compensation to recover the costs of your medical care and other expenses. Call the Bussey Law Firm at (719) 475-2555 to learn more today.

What Causes Elevator Accidents?

According to the Center for Disease Control, over 17,000 people are injured in elevator accidents every year. The overwhelming majority of these injuries could have been prevented if the right precautions had been taken. Causes of elevator accidents include:

  • Doors closing on people. There are mechanisms designed to prevent door strikes, but elevator doors can be very temperamental, requiring regular adjustment. If working properly, detector edges will sense the presence of an arm or leg and automatically reopen the door as long as they are working properly.
  • Free falls. A snapped wired or faulty elevator track can cause an elevator to become totally unrestrained and fall a great distance. These are among the scariest and most hazardous types of elevator accidents.
  • Shocks and electrocution may occur as a result of faulty wiring.
  • Mis-leveling. Problems with brake linings, springs, or the drum may cause an elevator to fail to reach the same level as the floor of the building where passengers are boarding and exiting. This can lead to dangerous falls.
  • Falling into an empty shaft is the most frequent cause of elevator fatalities.
  • Speed malfunctions may cause an elevator to crash or stop abruptly.
  • Getting stuck in an elevator. An elderly Denver man died after getting stuck in an elevator. He didn’t get any response when he pushed the emergency button.

Who Is Responsible for an Elevator Accident?

Everyday use causes a lot of wear and tear on an elevator, increasing the risk of malfunction. That’s why OSHA requires regular annual inspections. If you were injured in an elevator that did not receive regular maintenance and inspections, the property owner should have been aware of the situation, and they may be help liable for your injuries.

Landlords, property owners, and building managers are required to make sure elevators are in proper working condition, and they must take an elevator offline if there are any signs that it’s not functioning properly. Maintenance companies and elevator inspectors may also be held liable for signing off on an elevator when it wasn’t safe to use.

Elevator manufactures may be responsible for injuries if an elevator malfunctions due to faulty or poorly designed parts. That’s why worn-out elevator parts must be reported to the United States Consumer Product and Safety Commission (CPSC.)

Elevator Accident Injuries

Elevator accidents are extremely traumatizing and likely to result in catastrophic injuries, including:

What to Do After an Elevator Accident

Dial 911 immediately if you have been injured in an elevator accident. Then check to see if how the people around you are doing, and apply first aid if necessary.

If you feel up to it, use your cell phone camera to record conditions that may have caused the accident. This will make it easier for your personal injury lawyer to begin their in-depth investigation to determine what caused the accident and who is liable for your injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an elevator accident, contact The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. by calling (719) 475-2555 today. We’ll know how to hold the liable parties responsible and help you get compensation to cover the cost of your injuries and other expenses caused by your accident.

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