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Struck While Riding Your Bicycle in El Paso County?

Cyclists are some of our most vulnerable road users. Being knocked off your bike can result in a range of injuries, from more minor bruises/scrapes, to traumatic brain injuries, fractures, or, tragically, death.

If you suffered an accident while cycling in El Paso, and another person is at fault, you deserve justice and compensation. Whatever injuries you are suffering from, the distinguished team at The Bussey Law Firm P.C. is here to fight for you.

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Receiving Compensation for a Bicycle Accident

To receive compensation for a bicycle accident, another person’s negligence must have caused the accident and your resulting injuries. This may be through directly colliding with you, indirectly causing you to crash, or any other scenario where without the other person’s action or inaction, the crash would not have occurred.

In Colorado, a “comparative negligence” rule applies where even if you contributed to the crash, as long as your contribution is not measured as equal to, or more than, the other party’s, you can still receive compensation. Where you have slightly contributed to the accident, your compensation will be reduced by the proportion you are determined as having contributed.

The types of compensation available depend on several factors, but can include compensation for economic losses such as loss of income and medical expenses, non-economic loss such as pain and suffering, and compensation for physical impairment.

Compensation for the Death of a Loved One

In the tragic instance that the accident results in the death of a loved one, their family can pursue compensation for the loss of that person in their life. This includes compensation for the loss of that person’s financial support, assistance and companionship, as well as for the pain and suffering encountered due to the loss.

In Colorado, only the surviving spouse of the deceased can bring legal action for compensation for the death of a loved one in the first year after the death. In the second year, this extends to include children, and if there are no children or spouse, the deceased’s parents.

Why Get an Attorney?

After an accident, the driver’s insurance company is likely to offer you a settlement figure in exchange for forgoing your right to bring action against the at-fault party. While you may believe this is a reasonable figure, this settlement is often less than you would legally be entitled to, as the insurance company wants to minimize the figure they have to pay you.

An attorney will help you evaluate whether any settlement figure offered is sufficient and can argue for an increase. They will also help determine whether you would likely receive better compensation in court, and can evaluate with you whether taking the case to trial is suitable in your circumstances.

In some instances, the other party or their insurance company may dispute their liability altogether. When this happens, a skilled El Paso County injury attorney is necessary to help investigate and prove fault and to fight for your right to compensation. Where the case does proceed to trial, a lawyer will carefully establish the fault of the other party and advocate for you to receive the maximum compensation available in your case.

Why Choose The Bussey Law Firm, P.C.

At The Bussey Law Firm P.C, we fight passionately to help get you the justice and compensation you deserve. We understand how stressful the time following an accident can be, and go above and beyond to provide our clients with the support they need, as well as excellent legal representation.

Founding attorney Timothy Bussey has extensive legal experience and an impressive track record of gaining favorable compensation for clients, whether through a settlement or trial.

Our successes in this area include:

  • Obtaining $375,000 for the family of a deceased cyclist where the at-fault party only had $25,000 in auto insurance; and
  • Gaining $100,000 for a client who suffered an accident whilst cycling where a commercial truck overturned and debris fell on the client.

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