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Trucking Safety Organizations Urge Drivers to Avoid Speeding

By Timothy Bussey on January 14, 2013

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) have teamed up to urge drivers of both passenger vehicles and commercial trucks and buses to avoid speeding in order to reduce the risks of serious or deadly crashes, according to a recent article in Land Line Magazine, a trucking trade journal.

Speeding Big RigThe recent concerns are driven by the results of a study by the CVSA of speeding tickets issued in October 2012. The study found that the number of tickets issued to commercial vehicle drivers had increased 2.8 percent over the previous year, and the number of tickets issued to passenger vehicle drivers had increased 10 percent.

Overall, passenger vehicle drivers received half of all speeding tickets in the U.S. in the past year, while commercial drivers received 19.6 percent of tickets. Failure to use a seat belt and to obey a traffic control sign or signal were also common reasons police stopped drivers during the study, which involved over 35,000 vehicles, according to the CVSA.

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