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Colorado DUI Defense Attorney Timothy R. Bussey Discusses DUI Lab Testing Tampering Allegations

Colorado DUI defense lawyer and founder of The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. provided legal insight into evidence showing that the head of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment toxicology lab…(read more)

Attorney Timothy Bussey Co-Authors "The Legality of Search and Seizure in DUI Cases"

Drunk driving defense attorney Timothy R. Bussey of The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. works to protect the wellbeing of Colorado residents charged with crimes both in and out of the courtroom. Recently, a new book co-authored by attorney Bussey on DUI search and seizure incidents was published for the use of defendants and fellow lawyers…(read more)

Timothy Bussey Featured on KOAA News 5 regarding Laser Guns

Radar guns have long been used to track vehicle speed and catch drivers who are traveling faster than the speed limit, but the future of speeding enforcement is moving in a different direction. Across the United States, law enforcement is investing in laser technology to replace radar technology…(read more)

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