The Little Box That Could Make Your Truck Accident Case

Truck accidents are among the most dangerous accidents you could find yourself in. 18-wheelers can weigh upwards of 80,000 lbs. and have the size to match their weight. When a passenger vehicle and truck collide, the truck always comes out on top. The end result is catastrophic injuries and property damage for those in the smaller vehicle. Filing a claim against the negligent truck driver and their company can help minimize the financial stress truck accident victims often find themselves under, but winning a claim requires a rigorous investigation and proper evidence.

That is where black boxes come in.

What Is A Black Box?

The Little Box That Could Make Your Truck Accident CaseBlack boxes are commonly known as electronic control module (ECM) or event data recorder (EDR). These devices are commonly stored in the engine of the truck and are used to record important data. A truck’s black box is similar to the ones commonly used on planes, which help investigations in the event of a crash. When they began installing them in trucks, however, the purpose was originally to use that recorded data to defeat warranty claims. These days, they are most often used to track a truck’s location, as well as to help investigations after an accident.

What Does a Black Box Record?

The data that a black box stores can prove to be imperative when it comes to truck accident claims against truck drivers or trucking companies following a crash. It’s hard to refute evidence stored on a black box, since it will often record information such as:

  • If the truck driver was using cruise control
  • The speed of the truck before the accident
  • If there were any sudden decelerations or accelerations
  • The tire pressure
  • The GPS location of the truck during the accident
  • Whether or not the truck was exceeding the speed limit

Getting this information is incredibly important if you have been injured in a truck accident, as it can prove liability. Without a proper black box investigation, you could miss out on all of that info and may go into a claim with only your memory of what happened. That could hurt your case in the long run and may even lead to you losing and not receiving the compensation you deserve.

How Can This Be Used in a Claim?

A standard black box will store information for thirty days before wiping itself clean. There are some models, however, that only keep information for ten minutes. Getting a hold of a black box’s record could be all you need to prove your claim, as the information would quickly show if the driver was breaking any laws or regulations. But the time limit on the data storage can be tricky, as trucking companies won’t readily hand their black boxes over.

Trucking companies operate to make a profit and paying for negligence is not in their best interest. So, they likely will not give up their black box unless pressured by an experienced truck accident attorney. If you or a loved one have been injured in a trucking accident, you shouldn’t go it alone. The company you’re up against will fight tooth and nail to keep from having to pay you what you deserve. We at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. know how to not only get a black box from a trucking company, but how to access the information inside. Don’t let these companies put profit over your right to justice. Call us today at (719) 475-2555 to schedule a free, confidential consultation.