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From solicitation to child pornography and more, internet sex crimes are receiving increased attention from the media and prosecutors. Though this form of crime is relatively new, it is already being vigorously prosecuted and poses serious potential problems for accused offenders, who can face lifetime sex offender registration, problems finding a place to live and work, heavy fines, and even imprisonment for their crimes.

What is Considered an Internet Sex Crime?

Internet sex crimes vary from soliciting a prostitute or offering prostitution online to pornography involving minors to inappropriately luring minor children using the Internet. Though the consequences for these crimes vary depending on the circumstances and ages of those involved, a few commonalities prevail: most people convicted of Internet sex crimes are forced to register as sex offenders and all face significant social stigma as they seek to turn their lives around and lead normal, productive lives.

What Happens If You Are Accused of an Internet Sex Crime in Colorado Springs?

If you have been accused of Internet sex crimes in Colorado Springs, it can be easy to give in to all demands without considering your legal rights. However, you do have legal rights no matter what the accusation. Police must have a warrant in order to legally enter your home or seize your possessions. And you need not speak to any law enforcement official without a criminal defense attorney present to protect your rights.

Even if you're not officially charged, it's important to seek the services of an Internet sex crimes defense attorney as soon as you hear you have been accused of internet sex crimes. The right Colorado Springs sex crime defense lawyer can defend you in court, negotiate with prosecutors to have your sentence reduced or charges dropped, and help you deal with media attention and the social stigma associated with these crimes.

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