If You’re in a Truck Accident, Get Ready to Meet the Trucking Company’s Legal Team

If You’re in a Truck Accident, Get Ready to Meet the Trucking Company’s Legal Team

The insurers that represent commercial trucking companies employ seasoned and formidable teams of lawyers, whose job is to diminish their client’s culpability for accidents and red

uce the amount of money they pay out. To get the compensation you deserve, you’re going to need an equally experienced and skilled legal team fighting for you.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: So, I moved to Colorado in 1992. I’m originally from Illinois, and when I moved out to Colorado one of the things that folks told me was that I would really like the traffic out here compared to the Chicago area where I am from, and they were right. In 1992, in the Colorado Springs area there was not a lot of traffic. You could easily get from place to place, and it was great. Many years later, here we are. If you haven’t noticed there have been a lot of other folks from the Midwest and other parts of the country that have decided to descend upon Colorado because it’s so beautiful.

That has caused a lot of congestion. We have seen an increase in trucking accidents. Trucking accidents are typically very serious. When you talk about traffic accidents, there is simple physics that’s involved. The heavier the object and the smaller the object the greater degree of damage. Not only to the vehicle, but also to the persons inside which can cause greater injuries.

It’s important to get a trained experienced attorney to represent you on your claim against these big insurance companies that represent the trucking companies. The trucking companies have what are called commercial policies.

They have well-trained, seasoned defense firms that get paid a lot of money to defend this trucking companies when you are involved in those accidents. You will need somebody that has experience in the medical side, evaluating your injuries, as well as traffic accident reconstruction the exists, when the truck comes in and has hit you, because they are going to be challenging all of that.

With my experience, I do have specific training concerning traffic accident reconstruction. I’ve attended the North Western University Traffic Institute concerning traffic accident reconstruction.

I have handled many types of different traffic accident cases. This includes cases where people have lost their lives or people are severely injured. With trucking cases it is important to get an attorney, because you will most likely be facing a very determined group of attorneys that will be defending that trucker and that trucking company.

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