Are Insurance Companies on Your Side?

Are Insurance Companies on Your Side?The fact is, insurance companies do not make money by paying claims fairly. They make money is by paying out as little as they can get away with. To get the compensation you deserve, you’ll need an experienced attorney like Timothy R. Bussey fighting for you, against the insurance companies.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: So with an insurance company, and remember sometimes we’re dealing with multiple insurance companies, it can be the person who hits you. If it’s an automobile accident, it can be their insurance company.

It can be your insurance company if you have under-insured motorist coverage, or uninsured motorist coverage if the other person doesn’t have it. So there’s multiple insurance companies that can exist on any claim.

Many years ago, I was talking to an attorney about insurance claims, and he looked at me and said, “Tim, you know what, insurance companies do not make money paying on claims.”

So what happens is, is you need a trained attorney who is familiar with the process to advocate on your behalf to maximize the amount of compensation that you’re going to receive on a personal injury case.

They don’t work for you. You need somebody to work for you, and that is an attorney. To learn more about insurance issues after a Colorado Springs car accident, contact our office at (719) 401-0585.

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