Four Tips For Boating Safety This Summer

Memorial Day marks the official start of summer for many Colorado residents, and with summer comes the opportunity to engage in summer fun – including boating and swimming. If you’re planning on boating this summer, keep the following safety tips in mind to help you and your loved ones avoid accidents:

  • Four Tips For Boating Safety This SummerBuy and wear life jackets. Personal flotation devices (PFDs) can help boaters and operators of personal watercraft survive an accident in which they are flung into the water, even if they are knocked unconscious or become otherwise incapable of keeping themselves afloat. Bring the proper life jackets for every member of your boating party and wear them – no matter how strong your swimming skills are.
  • Know the weather and the water. Check the weather report before heading out onto the water, and examine the water before heading out in your boat. Know the approximate depth, what major obstacles may be hidden under the water, and the expected strength of currents.
  • Avoid alcohol while boating. Boating while under the influence of alcohol is not only dangerous, it’s also a crime in Colorado. Save alcoholic drinks for when you and your party are safely ashore.
  • “Teak surfing” is more dangerous than you think. “Teak surfing,” in which swimmers hang onto the back of a moving boat, is dangerous not only because the swimmer is exposed to the motor and other dangers, but because carbon monoxide from the boat’s motor can suffocate a swimmer.

If you’re injured in a boating accident this summer, an experienced Colorado injury attorney may be able to help you protect your legal rights and seek compensation.