What To Do if You Were Hurt in a Crash on a Highway

Driving on the highway is a lot more difficult than driving on regular streets within the city and suburbs. Unfortunately, this also means that crashes on the highway can be a lot more serious. If you find yourself in a highway crash, you must enlist the help of a qualified and experienced attorney as soon as possible.

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Highway Driving is Different

Highway crashes can cause a lot more damage than collisions that occur on streets.

Driving conditions on highways are vastly different from those on normal roads, and there are many features of a highway that can create potentially dangerous driving conditions.

Some of these varying features include onramps and offramps. These sometimes require difficult maneuvers, and inexperienced or careless drivers may find themselves endangering themselves or others. Additionally, the types of vehicles that can be found on highways can create hazards to other drivers.

Big Rigs weigh up to 80,000 lbs and sometimes are upward of 20 times the weight of the average car. In an accident, there is very little chance for the smaller car to come off undamaged.

Finally, with all that wide open space and stretches of straight roads, people often tend to drive a lot more recklessly on the highway. Speeding, aggressive driving, and even drunk driving are all commonplace on the highway. All this can potentially put you and your vehicle in a dangerous position.

Causes of Accidents on Highways

The causes of highway accidents aren’t just limited to the differences between highway and off-highway driving. The surface area of the highways in the state is expansive, and sometimes local governments struggle to maintain the roads.

Poorly maintained roads with potholes and debris can often create obstacles that can lead to collisions on the highway. This is also exacerbated by highways being a high-speed zone, meaning unexpected obstacles can take drivers by surprise. The damage is potentially more severe than if the vehicle was traveling at a slower speed.

Efforts to keep highway roads maintained can also be dangerous. Construction work zones can produce a lot of debris as well as other obstacles that can inhibit the safety of driving on the road.

Crashes and collisions in construction zone areas can be a hazard to drivers and workers alike.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Due to the high speed and hazardous nature of highway driving, often crashes can be quite severe and leave their victims with injuries. If you’ve been injured in a highway crash, the last thing on your mind in the immediate hours following the incident will be how to proceed with a lawsuit. However, it is important to call a lawyer as soon as possible, especially if you are injured.

Calling a Colorado Springs car accident lawyer means that you can focus on yourself and your injuries. They will find and interview witnesses as soon as possible, which ensures that an accurate and fair account of the incident is recorded.

They can also deal with the insurance company, which is of great assistance if you have sustained major injuries. Your lawyer will also be able to put the measures in place to protect the evidence. These are key factors in a lawsuit, and immediately calling an attorney will help you to strengthen your case.

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