Three Injured, One Arrested, In Colorado Springs Vehicle Accident

Four people in their 20s were injured when a pickup truck rolled over in Colorado Springs last month. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, two female passengers were treated for minor injuries at a nearby hospital. A 22 year old male passenger was thrown from the truck and seriously injured. The 26 year old male driver, who was also thrown from the truck, was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and vehicular assault.

Three Injured, One Arrested, In Colorado Springs Vehicle AccidentWe drive or ride in vehicles every day, yet we don’t often think about the dangers cars and trucks pose to their riders. If the two men thrown from the vehicle in the accident had considered such dangers, they would’ve worn seatbelts. If the three passengers injured in the crash had thought about the dangers of riding with a drunk driver, they may have chosen to take another way home. In Colorado, vehicle accidents are the most common cause of injury. Each year, there are roughly 450 fatal traffic accidents in the state.

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