The New Heights Scholarship 2019 Winner

It is June 26th, and we at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., are ready to announce our scholarship winner. Congratulations to…

The New Heights Scholarship 2019 WinnerSugar T., of Portland, Oregon! We are pleased to offer $500 toward your future in sustainable agriculture. With degree in hand, we firmly believe you will reach the goals you’ve set for yourself. We conceived the New Heights Scholarship to support at least one student struggling with the costs of higher education, and we thank everyone who applied. You can read the winning essay on our website.

Again, we at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., want to encourage today’s students who will be tomorrow’s leaders. We urge you to continue in your pursuit of education. The importance of absorbing new ideas, learning how to think critically, and problem-solving cannot be overstated. If more people took the time to consider their words and actions, the world would be a safer, healthier place.

Until it is, we will offer representation to personal injury victims in Colorado Springs. For more community outreach, legal information, and other opportunities, please follow our blog and Facebook page. Until next year, when we’ll be hosting this scholarship again, we thank you for your participation and wish you the best!