Tenacious Firm Featured in The Gazette

For over three decades the Bussey Law Firm, P.C. has served the Colorado Springs area and the surrounding region by providing dedicated and outstanding representation to people in need of a strong criminal defense. However, the firm’s story extends well beyond the Colorado border.

Tenacious Firm Featured in The GazetteA featured report in the Colorado Springs Gazette explores the full breadth and scope of Timothy Bussey’s contribution not only to our own local legal system, but also to Constitutional law across the entire country. Specifically, Mr. Bussey has made a name for himself by doggedly challenging how much the legal system blindly depends on forensic sciences in criminal cases. This challenge comes from a point of respect, in which Mr. Bussey hopes to improve and enhance today’s forensic methodology and reporting.

Take for instance a case that started with an unprecedented admission by the Colorado Springs Police Department. After an internal investigation was conducted at the lab, CSPD admitted that there were serious errors and omissions found in the blood alcohol testing of criminal cases. Unsatisfied with this vague answer, Mr. Bussey pursued the department and found that the Metro Crime Lab was guilty of  using these faulty tests  in criminal cases more than initially reported. This ultimately led to the  tainted evidence being tossed out and the end of the blood alcohol testing in Colorado Springs investigations.

Recently, Mr. Bussey was honored with the ACS Forensic Lawyer Scientist Designation – a recognition that no other attorney in Colorado can currently claim. For more information about this award or any of Mr. Bussey’s other achievements in the field of forensics, dial (719) 475-2555 today.