Students Killed in Two Separate Colorado Springs Crashes

Within a 14-hour period on the same road, two Calhan students were killed and a third was critically injured. According to a news report in The Gazette, the two crashes occurred on Funk Road east of Calhan Highway about 35 miles northeast of Colorado Springs. The first crash occurred when a 16-year-old boy lost control of a 1994 Saturn. The vehicle spun before colliding with a fence and rolling over. The driver was critically injured and his 14-year-old sister was pronounced dead at the scene.

Students Killed in Two Separate Colorado Springs CrashesThe second fatal accident occurred when a 16-year-old girl lost control of a 1997 Chrysler. Her vehicle went off the side of the road, rolled twice and hit a fence. She was ejected from her vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

An official with the state patrol says that there is no problem with the road and that the two crashes were just unfortunate incidents. Therefore, it is unclear if a thorough investigation will consider the condition of the roadway. What could be done to prevent future accidents on this roadway? Should the government review the width of the shoulder and the speed limit on that dangerous strip of roadway? Could more law enforcement officers in the area prevent speed-related accidents from occurring there? Does this street have a history of similar instances? Are there any uneven surfaces or large potholes that can cause a vehicle to veer out of control?

The family of a deceased Colorado accident victim would be well advised to discuss their legal options with a skilled wrongful death attorney. It is sometimes possible to prove that someone other than the victim contributed to the crash. In such cases, financial support may be available for the family’s considerable losses.

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