Rollover Crash in Colorado Springs Proves Fatal

A rollover crash on Highway 9 claimed the life of a passenger, KKTV News reports. Colorado State Patrol officials say the driver, a 43-year-old man, overcorrected when he drifted off the right side of the road. This caused the vehicle to spin out of control, cross over into oncoming lanes of traffic and roll over. The front passenger, a 37-year-old woman, was thrown from the vehicle. She was transported to an area hospital where she died. The driver and two children who were in the back seat were also airlifted to area hospitals. The driver is reported to be in fair condition. An investigation is ongoing.

Rollover Crash in Colorado Springs Proves FatalRollover crashes are often deadly because of the intensity with which they occur. There are several ways to prevent these types of tragic crashes:

  • Check your tires: It is important to ensure that your tires are in good shape and are properly inflated. Check tire pressure at least once a month.
  • Wear your seatbelt: Buckling up significantly reduces your chance of death in a rollover crash. Almost 75 percent of those who are ejected during rollovers are killed.
  • Choose your vehicle wisely: Newer vehicles have a much lower fatality rate than older vehicles. Also, purchasing a vehicle with Electronic Stability Control technology will help reduce your risk of a rollover crash.
  • Do not overload your vehicle: Vehicles that are overloaded with passengers and/or luggage have an increased risk of rolling over.
  • Watch your speed: About 40 percent of fatal rollover crashes involved excessive speed.
  • Do not go into panic mode: Overcorrecting the steering is one of the most common causes of rollovers. If you lose control of your vehicle or if your vehicle goes off the roadway, gradually reduce your speed and then ease your vehicle back on the roadway instead of jerking the wheel.

If your rollover accident is caused by a negligent motorist, defective roadway or a defective vehicle, it is important that you contact an experienced Colorado Springs auto accident lawyer who will ensure that your legal rights and best interests are protected. We will analyze all aspects of the case and ensure that injured victims or families of deceased victims receive fair and full compensation for their losses.